Yesterday we did our usual Sunday morning thing – speaking with Matt via Facetime. Hidde wasn’t there and Matt definitely makes more effort to speak when he knows it’s up to him. The staff member holding his iPad did help out a little.

This week promises to be quite warm and sunny, with temperatures in the mid to high twenties and nightime lows up to 15 or 16. Our apartment has windows getting lots of morning sun and it really heats up. The circulation system doesn’t work very well and because we have no fly screens opening the sliding doors means we get flies. It’s humid and quite uncomfortable at night even with the sliding door open. I’m really glad to be going home to winter weather. I’m glad about the weather from the point of view of people who live here, of course.

We caught the train and bus and underground to Hampstead Heath, partly because Stephen wanted a bus ride through the Monopoly part of the city and partly because he doesn’t like changing trains at Clapham Junction for some reason. We caught the London Overground to Clapham Junction on the way home and it was very quick. It was still very light when we arrived home at 9.00 pm.

Indian celebration in Trafalgar Square - 1
Trafalgar Square – there was an Indian festival happening here.

We visited a stately home, Fenton House, near Hampstead Heath first of all. We had set out at about 3.00 p.m. and arrived there about 4.00. I took some photos with my iPhone.

Fenton House - 1
Fenton House
Fenton House2 - 1
beautiful bedroom

Afterwards, we walked through one of the Hampstead Heath paths to Parliament Hill, which has a view of London. It’s partly blocked by some bushes. Being a weekend there were heaps of people there, having picnics, swimming and generally behaving as if the hot weather had arrived.

enjoying the sunshine on Parliament Hill (1 of 1)
Stripping off to enjoy the sun. This was at about 8.00 p.m.
Hampstead Heath swimming - 1
view from Parliament Hill - 1
View from Parliament Hill at full zoom

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