Annoying minor ailment

I spent yesterday in bed. In the morning the problem was the cough, but I was taking cough medicine and avoiding dairy products, and the cough is now a minor problem. Then my nose started and hasn’t stopped since.

Stephen went out yesterday in the late afternoon to visit the local museum. He wants to get the paper this morning and also has a mission to get something to stop the nose. Plus more boxes of tissues.

Our photos are backed up on hard drives, but also on Google photos and Flickr. Google photos likes to do small compilations and modifications, and the featured photo is a then and now of Stephen, courtesty of Google Assistant, wearing exactly the same jacket. I think the first photo is from about eight or nine years ago when we were in Canberra for the National Folk Festival. I make this deduction both on the background to the photo and the type of camera used, a Sony NEX 5.

We have beento the Canberra Folk Festival three times now, we flew the first couple of time, but the last time we went with our caravan. The second photo was taken a few days ago in Hastings on Stephen’s iPhone 8.

Stephen noted a couple of differences – that the resemblence with sister Lesley is stronger and he has a bit of a stoop in the latest photo. He wasn’t wearing a backpack in the older photo which may have helped with standing straighter.

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