Another Friday night in the van

After lunch and a productive planning session with Marie and Geoff we had a rest and cup of tea before heading off to Pinaroo Point for an overnight. After lunch, with the help of maps and the internet, we came up with ideas of where to base ourselves whilst we explore Karijini National Park and worked out what we do and do not need to book in advance.

Eversley joined us at Pinaroo Point at about 5.30 p.m. and brought so much snack food that it just about did us for an evening meal. We added some leftover chicken from lunch, cups of tea and chocolates. We also enjoyed some beer.

Stephen enjoys a beer (1 of 1).jpg

We sat in the van until Eversley arrived, then took one of the covered picnic tables. It was a windy evening and we had a small bushfire near to us which made Eversley a bit late due to a road closure. Checking online found that the fire was brought under control fairly quickly.

We went along the walkway and saw where the fire had been. It wasn’t very large, but good to get it under control quickly. Eversley and I walked back along the beach whilst Stephen returned via the path.

Stephen at the beach (1 of 1).jpg


sun setting (1 of 1).jpg

lovers moon (1 of 1).jpg

Just after the sun set we had this wonderful moonrise. I took other photos from a higher point without the lovers, but this particular photo is the best. They realised I had them in the shot and waved goodby to us as we left.

After Eversley left we listed to a Desert Island Disk before getting ready for bed. It was quite warm, but the easterly became cooler and we were  comfortable with windows open overnight, especially me as I am next to the rear windows.

It wasn’t as noisy in the morning as it has been in the past, perhaps because of the wind. We both had a short dip before a breakfast of tea, coffee and some pain de chocolates (courtesy of Coles). We had fruit as well, of course.

As we plan to stay at the beach for the rest of the day and have a swim later we have moved from Pinaroo Point to the Whitfords Nodes parking area where we have found a spot with deep shade under peppermints. It’s unfortunate that shady spots to park near the beach don’t usually have views, however we are close to another swimming beach and hoping that our spot stays shady.

We are still working out how to make the best use of facilities in the van, but we find we can make ourselves comfortable and the washroom/shower is working out well. We have our bathers hung in the shower recess at the moment and they should be almost dry by the time we go for our next swim.


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