Twilight at the beach

sunset glow (1 of 1).jpg
After sunset at Pinaroo Point. I didn’t get down there when we first arrived as food was a priority!

It took quite a while to get going yesterday afternoon as Stephen was watching the tennis rather than concentrating on getting ready to go. Eventually we got going and arrived at Pinaroo Point at about 7.00 p.m. A first, there was a row of food trucks and a two man band playing old songs, mostly quite well.

The food was expensive, we paid $16 for one serving, but it was just about enough to share. We added a bread roll, and later had desert of fresh fruit and icecream.

We originally parked where we could get a space on the inland side of the carpark near the bushes. Later, after lots of people had left we relocated to another spot that looked like it would have more shade in the morning. It’s late morning now and we are still mostly in shade. We parked next to the edge of the carpark with a kerb and sand next to us, thinking it would give us more room. In fact, people chasing shade are using the sandy part for parking.

I cancelled our alarm, but we still woke up quite early. The car park filled up fast as we were having our morning cuppa. Of course, we started the day with a swim and I even used my mask and snorkel for a while. There were quite a few fish as well as tiny sand beasties, something that you can be completely unaware when swimming. We didn’t go very far out into the ocean, but there were lots of swimmers which made us feel safe from sharks. This is not a patrolled beach, but has the advantage of being a bit less crowded.

Stephen has spent the rest of the morning playing with the TV, watching tennis commentary mostly.

We’ve had some more restorative work (after the new apartment block behind us damaged stuff) done this week, a new gate has been installed linking to our new wall.

The gardener has proved elusive, he was supposed to come at about 8.00 a.m. Friday morning and did not apologise for not coming. When Stephen contacted him he said he would come before lunch on Saturday. That didn’t happen either, though he sent a text later to apologise. We have got in touch with the company organising the work and asked if they would consider using another gardener. We’ve been waiting on this person, not knowing if we can take our short trip south before everythings starts up again in February, and it’s beyond annoying. Stephen has suggested that they find a new gardener and start again about February 10th.

A few more evening photos.

northwards (1 of 1).jpg


footprints (1 of 1).jpg

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path to beach (1 of 1).jpg

finale (1 of 1).jpg

Food trucks and musicians - 1
This is the first time we have seen food trucks here. The options were quite good quality, the downside of which were the bit higher prices than we are used to for food trucks. They all packed up and moved off at about 9.00 p.m.

If you click on the photos you will see the captions.

When we weren’t sure about the timing of the gardening we planned this short getaway over the weekend. Now that we feel fairly confident the gardener will not be coming anyway we will leave sometime this coming week for about 10 days roaming around the south.

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