Life is closing in

The featured image is of Crawley Bay a couple of weeks ago, not from last night when we were at the university.

First Fairbridge Festival was postponed until later in the year. We don’t have dates yet, but if we can’t do the new dates we will get a full refund. Then we had the usual ambiguous message from Regis – don’t visit, really, but if you must visit follow these guidelines. Transperth messaged us to say that they will be cleaning the buses so it’s safe to travel (perhaps).

Stephen’s WASO concert ‘Star Navigator’ has been cancelled, so no more rehearsals for that project. The concert tonight at the Concert Hall we had free tickets for has been cancelled.

We are still waiting to hear about the G&S production, but with little prospect for audiences it is probably just a matter of a day or so before the decision is made. We are also wondering about our Wednesday French classes run by Trinity School for Seniors. As many of the participants are in a high risk category they may decide to suspend classes. The Working Voices Choir was going to sing at next week’s Eco Fest in Hyde Park and on May Day in Fremantle. Those events are likely to be cancelled.

We have stocked up a little on food, but are taking the view that we will still be able to get food from the supermarket, either in person or by delivery. It was a bit of a disaster ordering toilet paper online a couple of days ago. First it was available, then the program crashed and next time I couldn’t order it. We went ahead with the order, it took ages when I went to pick it up and they forgot a couple of things. Not a perfect system. I was a bit scathing in the inevitable online survey that followed. As well, we have spent a bit of time going backwards and forwards to Coles as we forget things. I’m really tired of going there.

We had a nice night at the ‘Merry Wives of Windsor’ at the University last night. We had a meal first at the University Club. Stephen and Eversley both have membership cards, which meant we had a bit of a discount. I found the comedy a bit tedious, Shakespeare does belabour the point rather. The cast worked hard and the overall performance wa enjoyable. The temperature was warm and a bit humid, we appreciated occasional breezes. We had a look at Eversley’s pretty little new car, a Toyota Yaris, which was about $9,000 cheaper than Matt’s wheelchair. Pretty amazing as it looks to be very good quality and is spacious inside.

Today we’ve mostly sat inside with the air conditioning on to offset how oppressive the atmosphere is. The temperature went over 30 and so far we haven’t had the promised rain. If you look on the radar image at the moment it looks like we are getting heaps of rain, perhaps it’s just not reaching the ground.

No whinging really. So far we are healthy and the precautions regarding social contact are taking place in good time to avoid a big outbreak here in Western Australia. Well, we hope so. We have a nice dinner tonight, I made a savoury mince a couple of nights ago and it is particularly delicious. I wonder if I can replicate the recipe another time. Given that I did the usual thing of making it up as I went along I rather doubt it.

We slept in this morning, but have an early start tomorrow as we head to Gwelup for either a walk to a cafe for coffee/breakfast or a drive to the cafe if it is raining. We told Matt we would see him tomorrow evening after Stephen’s G&S rehearsal in Nollamara. At this stage it is unclear if that is happening and it could be that we can arrange for him to come here for tea.


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