And more cancellations

The featured image is from our time in Yorkshire last year.

Speaking with Jackie the supervisor of Matt’s house today I found that she and I are on the same page with regard to being more cautious about community interactions for Matt than the Ability Centre’s current policy. Therefore, she is happy to arrange for Matt to come to us for lunch on Thursday, transported by one of her staff. Plus possibly on Saturday evening. All good.

We had Matt’s first NDIS planning meeting today. It took about 1.5 hours and doesn’t involve much work for me as Stephanie Keepa (definitely a keepa) will take care of all the paperwork for us. She mainly wanted to pick our brains today about Matt’s activities and interests.

Stephen’s Pirates of Penzance has been cancelled. They had a full cast rehearsal on Sunday afternoon and when they were assembled they were told of the cancellation. We have found out today that Trinity School for Seniors has been suspended (no more French classes) until further notice and that the Eco Fest where Working Voices Choir was going to sing on Sunday has been cancelled. No decision has been made about WVC rehearsals.

The cancellation of Pirates has left a huge hole in Stephen’s life (3 rehearsals a week ending abruptly) and will take time to get over. It seems particularly hard as this is the first G&S production he would have been in for 30 years.

I spoke with both of my sisters today, we are all bearing up well and wondering if we have enough toilet paper (joking). But, we are not really worried for ourselves, just wondering how to deal with restrictions on our lives. Music, getting out into nature, watching TV, cleaning the house (actually forget that one), all come to mind as alternative activities.

What I meant to add is that if the social distancing works and we don’t get a bad outbreak in Western Australia no one will be thankful. They will just complain that they went through restrictions for nothing. It’s like the fact that Australia avoided recession in the 2008 financial crisis. Measures were put in place, and despite mistakes being made, it worked and we were one of the few countries to escape. Well, let them complain, I say. It’s better than overwhelming our health system with a spike in cases.



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