Social distancing at the beach

We have come to stay for a couple of nights at Pinaroo Point. If the weather had been cooler we might have opted for going inland, but the easterly winds have brough very warm weather. When we arrived yesterday at about 4.15 p.m. there was little or no wind. Eversley came for tea and we wiped down a picnic table for drinks and nibbles before going down to the beach. Even when busy this beach is nothing like Bondi beach. There were small groups of people here and there. The carpark was fairly full, as you would expect on a Sunday afternoon.

I have one pack of disinfectant wipes, but we could also use vinegar when they run out. I don’t think its as good as alcohol, but something. Eversley cleaned her salad lettuce leaves in vodka, quite a good idea as packaged lettuce has been handled by workers and all of the produce in the supermarkets is open for people to handle and cough over. Vodka is quite expensive though.

Our logic is that we can remain almost fully self contained in the van and that the ocean is safer than going to a swimming pool. We have a handbasin with soap in the van if we did use the facilities here.

Stephen and I had chairs whilst Eversley sat on the sand whilst we ate our tea and enjoyed the sunset. So wonderful after a swim. Then she headed home and we settled into the van, moving stuff from the bed onto the floor of the cab (I bought a picnic rug precisely for that purpose). Our bathers were mostly dry and just needed hanging overnight.

meal on the beach - 1

It’s not going to be any cooler here than inland today, thanks to the easterly, but we have spent a lot of time at home this week and it’s lovely to be out. We’ve seen quite a few mothers and children coming here this morning, but it isn’t busy. There were a few other vans here overnight, and some have moved off and others arrived.

the view from our van - 1
We have a glimpse of the sea from our van.

We had some problems with the battery going into danger levels overnight, then only charging fitfully at first when the sun came out. However, by about 10.00 a.m. we were drawing a lot of solar and the battery seems to be charging properly. I thought this morning that we might have to abort and go home. We will be more careful tonight about using power and will hopefully be OK. We are in full sun at the moment, relying on the wind to keep us more or less comfortable.

golden sea and sand - 1.jpeg


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