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We have been mostly staying at home since our last hot day. The cooler weather has made our evening walks much more pleasant. We can have the house open to allow fresh air and generally, we feel much better.

We have mostly just walked in our neighborhood, but took the car down to the Vic Park foreshore on Wednesday evening. There is a large area parallel to the path alongside the river and by walking on that we were able to avoid coming into contact with people.

two pines - 1
This photo is from our walk across the railway line to the stadium
Weather vane - 1
A weather vane discovered on one of our local walks.
ducks close up - 1
There were a couple of large flocks of ducks on the foreshore

Many ducks - 1.jpeg

Painted duck - 1.jpeg

Vic Park Foreshore - 1.jpeg
Of course, we were walking at sunset

I have been trying to get a copy of my mother’s End of Financial Year Statement from one of her investments. It was likely sent to us, but as I have been preparing her documents to take to her accountant I couldn’t find just this one. It is her only substantial investment and would make quite a difference to her refund. In the end I’ve had to fill in a form (Mare as well) and send them a certified copy of the Enduring Power of Attorney. As Marie had to sign everything as well I met her at the Roleystone shopping area to visit her chemist and post office. Everything has been posted off and we hope this will do the trick.

Marie and I sat on a wall to chat afterwards, with about twice the social distancing length between us. Roz and the kids came to shop whilst we were there and we were able to speak with them at a distance as well. Marie and I used hand sanitizer a lot. I was glad to see some things happening at the Roleystone shopping centre that are not happening in our local place. The chemist, post office and IGA all had plastic screens in place. In the IGA staff wore gloves. I know this protects them more than us, but because they come in contact with so many people it is a good way to protect everyone in the community. Well done Roleystone!

On Tuesday I contacted Regis Greenmount about the possibility of talking with Mum on FaceTime. They rang back in the afternoon and we enjoyed a short chat with her. She looks the same and appears to be in good spirits. She was rocking herself, clearly needs physical contact, but there is nothing much we can do. I don’t want to risk taking the virus to her nursing home. We can do another session next week.

Matt’s NDIS planning has to go ahead regardless. The Ability Centre has decided to hold the meetings in the gazebo next to Matt’s house. I have consented to go in person, explaining to Matt why I can’t give hime a hug. He may get upset, but it would be difficult to find out exactly what is happening if I just joined on FaceTime. I will take my own chair, wear a mask, and sit at double the required distance. The meeting isn’t until the 28th April, but restrictions are likely to still be in place. Again, I wouldn’t want to take the virus to a house with such vulnerable people.

On the whole we are enjoying the quiet time of our not too onerous lockdown. Stephen, who is normally involved in a whirlwind of activities, has been saying lately how much he appreciates the chance to step back and focus on writing, listening to music and generally persuing more gentle activities. Of course, we have social media and can keep up with friends and family that way.

Vic Park Foreshore2 - 1.jpeg
Vic Park foreshore

It is now Friday. We watch the news in a vain hope to understand what is happening here and overseas. We haven’t quite given up hope of being able to travel to other regions of Western Australia this winter, maybe in July or August rather than June. I’ve booked our van in at Ken Peachey Caravans to have our battery problem sorted. I plan to wipe down all surfaces and wear a facemask and gloves when I drop it off to minimise risk to them, and follow the same process backwards when I pick it up. We can leave the doors and windows open as well as wiping everything down when we get the van home. It’s fairly easy to sanitise a small area like the inside of the van. Leaving all doors and windows open for a day or so will also help.

Watching the mess the USA is making of their COVID-19 response is enough to make you weep. Not that other governments have necessarily done well and we are particularly concerned about what is happening in terms of numbers of deaths in the UK, but the bi partisan divide and posturing by Trump make everything so much more difficult for sensible, intelligent people in that country. At least the UK is mostly united and there is a feeling of most people being willing to pull together. Having a Queen really helps as well to help the UK truly feel like a united kingdom facing the problem.


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