Stay at home: in the van

On Friday after writing in this blog we packed up and went to Kings Park for lunch. We had Turkish rolls with cheese and tomato, toasted in the trusty Ridgemonkey, of course. It was a humid day and although we enjoyed being out we found our afternoon walk a bit of an effort.

Pretty soon after we started walking Stephen was a long way behind me as he kept stopping to look at plants. I had a good rest at a junction before we took a different path back to the van.
black cockatoos - 1.jpeg
Black dockatoos, lots of them about as they are migrating
detail - 1.jpeg
beautiful pods


kp parkup - 1.jpeg
One of the many car parks overlooking Crawley Bay
location - 1.jpeg
There was a covered bench, often occupied by other people
view of city - 1.jpeg
View of the city near to sunset

It was off home for tea after sunset.

On Saturday we…I’m not sure, nothing remarkable. Once again it was humid in the evening and I only walked around the block, the short walk, whilst Stephen went the longer way as far as the Victoria Park Post Office. Overnight we had quite heavy rain, coming through with a strong windy ‘front’ and that has certainly helped to clear the air. Last night we really enjoyed our walk, just a relatively short one, and involving the purchase of a sparkling Chiraz. The crisp, cooler air made such a difference.

We planned to do something yesterday (Monday) and despite the threat of showers we once again packed our ‘day’ gear to have lunch out in the van. We went to the Ellis Brook park, about 20 kms from our house. We are a bit early in the year for the water to be flowing at the falls, but enjoyed a short, somewhat steep walk up to the quarry.

I only took the iPhone with me for that walk, and decided that it was a scouting expedition, with the aim of discovering if there were some good opportunities for landscape shots. There are some trees and rock walls that will be good subjects in morning or evening light.

The whole loop walk is only about 2kms, but quite steep and graded at level 5.

I couldn’t upload photos at Ellis Brook, so finishing the blog post at home today.

walk trail sign - 1.jpeg

beginning of walk - 1.jpeg
We followed this walk trail, diverting to go to the quarry. Not much point in looking for the waterfalls as there hasn’t been enough rain yet.


lookout - 1.jpeg

It wasn’t far to the quarry, but uphill, and we soon had good views

After our walk to the quarry we had lentil soup and toast. Yum!


Stephen wears these special socks when we go out for walks to protect his toes.

On the Blue Wren Trail

We had to clean our shoes at the beginning of each walk.

Matt rang us Sunday night at about 6.10 p.m. just after we arrived back from our walk. He is happy, as usual. We spent about half an hour on FaceTime as Stephen was preparing food for our tea and he found that quite entertaining. I told him about the NDIS meeting, now on Friday 24th (this week) and suggested that we pretend we are on Facebook as we keep our distance from each other during the meeting.

Now that our country has successfully ‘flattened the curve’ with regard to new infections our governments (state and Commonwealth) are looking at ways to begin easing restrictions. There is a lot of suspicion about the contract tracing app that is being proposed,  and I’m not hopeful that there will be a good uptake, which would certainly help with the tracking and tracing on any potential outbreaks. The virus hasn’t gone away and we are not sure at this stage how many people may have been infected without showing any symptoms. As the country opens up we will have to still observe social distancing and hand hygiene. If there are outbreaks being able to contact those affected immediately will help to ensure it doesn’t get out of hand. As our hospitals have not been overwhelmed some elective surgery will be allowed.

In our state they want children to go back to school, but as it will be voluntary teachers will be doing double duty (in class and online teaching) as well as managing their own family lives, with children and grandparents. Oh, and the restriction on the amount of alcohol we can buy has been lifted.

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