Day 11: Lake Ballard to Leonora

This morning we said a sad goodbye to our camp to continue on our journey. It was cloudy, but too much, which meant we didn’t get a beautiful light on the lake and island. I still took lots of photos of the clouds directly above the sun, which at times were lit up brilliantly.




We took a drive up to the Snake Hill Lookout on our way out. I didn’t take any photos, but we got some Gopro footage, which gives a panoramic view.

I took the 20kms or so of gravel road at about 60km/hr this time, and the little van does actually ride out the corrigations better at a higher speed. Still, we don’t want to risk wrecking the furniture by doing a lot of this sort of travel. We stopped in Menzies to dump our toilet cassette. Although there is a dump point at Lake Menzies the tank with water is quite a way from the dump point and I was worried that people might not be washing it down properly after using it. Much better to use a dump point with a water tap and hose.

We thought of having coffee at the cafe, but it was closed. Further down the road we stopped for a hot drink each, me coffee, Stephen a moccah. Then drove straight through to Leonora. We did some grocery shopping and then headed for the caravan park. We had lunch at about 2.30, rather late. Leonora is a mining town, so fairly basic. But there is an interesting museum for us to visit tomorrow.

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