Southern Escape: Katanning to Borden

We went for a walk around Katanning before tea last night. Some of the old buildings were interesting. The hotel/Dome Cafe is converted from an old flour mill.

from the outside it’s hard to work out what is going on here.

We had another peaceful night, our second in the town, with one caravan besides us. The really nice thing about free camping is that you don’t have to worry about checkout times. Nevertheless, we were ready to leave by about 10.30 a.m. after a restful morning. We dumped the toilet cassette and filled our fresh water tank before moving on to buy diesel. We had our receipt from shopping yesterday to get a discount. Overall, we spent quite a lot of money in the town, which helps us to feel that we are somewhat entitled to the free camping. We are also very grateful for safe places to stay for free provided by Katanning, both in town and out at the lake.

As well as our normal morning routine we had to work out where we were going next. I want to visit the Stirling Ranges National Park and the Porongorups on our way to Albany, so we explored options for overnights in and around the area. Borden offers free overnight camping and is very close to the Stirling Ranges. Unfortunately, there are no views to the Ranges in town as it is set in a valley. It is about 90kms from Katanning and we arrived here in time to settle in and have our lunch here.

We may stay at the Porongurups Caravan Park tomorrow night as it is a convenient distance from here, given that we may be making a few stops on the way. From there, we will probably go to Albany to explore some of the cheap/free camping options in the area.

Despite an afternoon nap I’m feeling a bit tired at the moment. It’s still very windy and to go out for walks we have to prepare ourselves for the wind exposure. Nice once we are out, but we have to overcome some initial reluctance.

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