Southern Escape: Borden to the Porongurup Range Tourist Park

After a really good night’s sleep we got up a bit late at 8sh. No worries as we could leave when we wanted to with no formal checkout time. It’s the big disadvantage of caravan parks, especially when staying for just one night. This caravan park is as nice as I rememberd and we have a lovely view across the valley, or we did until our neighbour put his bikes on the roof of his car.

Some washing has been done and we have damp clothing hanging from every possible hook. I put some things in the dryer and did not realise till I got back to the van just how many items were still a bit dampish. I couldn’t be bothered going back to put them through another cycle.

We meandered here along the Chester Pass Road, taking a diversion to see a windmill and Dakota, then up to the Nudist Crossing sign, then up to Bluff Knoll. It has been a mostly cloudy day with the Stirling Ranges topped with clouds, but it was briefly sunny and still worth going for the views. We had a very nice lunch at the Bluff Knoll lookout carpark of rolls and salads.

We stopped at Mt Trio and a parking bay on the road to take photos and Stephen got a great shot of a Christmas Tree. We arrived here very tired, but it was worth having all the sightseeing along the way. How much nicer to come to Albany this way than along Albany Highway.

We have one more meal of leftovers from the freezer for tonight’s meal. There is the noise of other campers, which we are not used to. However, Stephen has had a shower and washed his hair and I am looking forward to having a proper shower before bed. There are definitely advantages to being here. Washing machines are on an honour system of $4.00 per wash and the dryer was only $2. There is an enclosed camper’s kitchen and a sheltered gazebo area with a BBQ. The showers and toilets are older style, but very clean.

We are always a bit confused about which range of mountains comes first, the Stirlings or the Porongurups. It depends on whether you are coming from Perth or Albany. The Stirlings are much higher and grander, but the Porongurups have lovely forest with tall trees. There are a good many wineries in this area as well.

We’ve had a very good day.

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