Amazingly we got away yesterday and travelled about 200 kms to a roadside rest area just out of Corrigin. We were staying in Caversham for two nights over the weekend as we enjoyed the Guildford Songfest. We went home around 12:30 as we wanted to have time to rest before Matt arrived.

We had to reload all our stuff as I had taken out the bedding, including the mattress pad, and cleared out the pantry in preparation for the installation of a battery monitor. We managed to get the main stuff back in place with Matt watching. By the time he went home I was so tired that I went to bed early and slept pretty much through the night.

Which set me up well for all the work of packing clothes and food in the morning. I had put together the tech (cameras, etc. on Sunday afternoon.

We had a pleasant drive through sunny, but cool, weather, with stops for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. Our overnight spot is close to the main road, but partly hidden.there is a gravel road but we’ve only had one car use it.

This morning I decided on a battery challenge, using our electric kettle twice, coffee machine twice and milk frothier once. The batteries have not gone below 96%. It’s interesting to see the indication of remaining hours when using the kettle which is over 2000watts.

We have enough data access to stream YouTube videos, as well as everything else😃

Today we hope to get to Ravensthorpe.

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