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We haven’t actually stayed at the Wannamal (Robert Hindmarsh) Rest Area but have looked in a couple of times. We wanted a peaceful night and the possibility of wildflowers and it turned out to be a good choice. From the van we could only see yellow flowering bushes, but in the morning when we walked further out we found lots of different flowers including cowslip and donkey orchids.

There were about six vans, etc. sharing the RA with us. They have two bright lights on all night, which was slightly disappointing. One lit up the toilets (flushing toilets) and the other the picnic area. The road noise disappeared after dark.

Quite late in the morning we set off on the historical walk. It crosses the road, then goes past the tennis court and Wannamal Hall, over a shallow creek and then followed a road along the lake. As the sun was quite challenging even with hats we only walked a couple of kilometres. We should have done it in the early morning.

For lunch it was off to the Bindoon Bakhous for soup of the day. Unfortunately they had sold out of interesting bread. Still, it made a good break.

Instead of taking the Tonkin Highway loop home we drove down through Muchea on the Great Northern Highway so that I could have a visit with Mum. When I arrived she was a bit distressed and vomiting (not that she has anything to bring up, she is continually nauseous) and I waited outside whilst the staff took care of her. They gave her an injection, that was all the squeals I heard from her room. When I saw her she looked comfortable, but the medication hadn’t taken effect and she was still uncomfortable. Still, she was glad to see me and knew who I was.

The rest of the drive home was tiring. We unpacked a bit, then went around the corner to one of the many little restaurants near home for a tasty meal. Early to bed afterwards for me.

Even though we arrived home about 10 days early we feel as though we had a really good trip with many interesting times and places. We are still savouring it.

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