The Magic Kingdom – day 1 and 2

Yesterday was a ‘service day’ as we needed to fill up with water and fuel, dump our tanks and do some shopping. But first we went for a walk along the path that was formerly a railway line near where we were camping. It was cloudy, with a couple of very light showers.

The Magic Kingdom is the Fitzgerald National Park. As you turn into Hammersley Road you can see Mt Barren in the distance. Our campsite is just next to it. Soon after we arrived we had a thunderstorm. When it cleared we took a walk to the beach and as we contemplated walking to the next beach we heard some thunder and retreated to the van for a second thunderstorm. We gave up on the idea of a walk, which worked out well as I then felt like cooking up a meal that would result in at least one extra night of leftovers.

After a fairly energetic day we slept well through lots of rain during the night. There were lots of insects coming into the van as our side window insect screens do not appear to work very well. I taped up the top area but I think they might be coming through the sides.

This morning we once again relaxed and took our time having breakfast, etc. There is a hot shower at our campground as well as clean, non smelly toilets. We haven’t tried it yet, but have noticed other people using it. There are BBQs and a campers kitchen which is still being set up. However it provides a sheltered area for tent campers to use their own stoves.

As there was almost constant rain we decided to give up on going for a walk and instead took a drive through the park to the furtherest point of the bitumen road. Our first stop was a lookout with a little walk with views and lots of wildflowers. After lunch at Hammersley inlet and attempting a walk (we got quite wet) we drove back to the lookout for afternoon tea. Here we have good views and much better internet than at our campsite.

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