Martin’s Tank Campground

Conto Beach

By coincidence Marie, Geoff and Glenn have come to stay a couple of nights at Preston Beach. We decided to catch up in the late afternoon. We were a bit sad to leave Conto, but interested to come to stay at Martin’s Tank Campground near Preston Beach. on arrival we were supposed to check in with camp host, but being tired from the drive we went straight to our site. Marie and Geoff picked us up shortly after and we drove down to the beach, then to their rental cottage, which has views over the ocean. After a good catch-up and fish and chips from the General Store Geoff drove us back to our campsite.

We had hot drinks and some fruit and yogurt, followed by our last chocolates whilst watching an episode of ‘Fires’ on ABC iview.

Public parking within Martin’s Tank Campground.

I didn’t get a photo of our campsite as we were a bit focussed on getting ready to move by 10:00 am after a late start. The camp host came to see us and told us about the walk trails and public parking, and we first of all moved there and did a short walk. Then took advantage of the dump point before driving out of the campsite to a little parking area at the beginning of another, longer walk.

Stephen went out walking whilst I’ve been relaxing in the van with my second coffee of the day.

Sorry for the smears on the iPhone camera lens, the sort of thing you don’t notice until photographing water and skies. The water is really clear.
Paperbarks near the lake.

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