Conto National Park Camping

At Conto Campground

We found it hard to drag ourselves away from the festival. We caught up with old friends after Stephen’s workshop, had some morning tea, and only left when a choir came on that we were sick of. We headed for Margaret River for a late lunch and shopping. Margaret River cafes were so disappointing. Either they didn’t open on Sundays or they were shutting as we arrived. We ended up at a Bakery and had wraps. Fortunately the IGA wasn’t disappointing and we got all that we wanted.

The best Margaret River could offer on a Sunday afternoon.

The drive yesterday was beautiful, I had forgotten how nice this area of the south west is to visit. I had booked our campsite in the morning and we did our usual thing of driving around the loop looking at the individual spots before we settled on this one. There were a few kangaroos around. But then, when we decided to have afternoon tea disaster struck. I asked for my tea in one of the new plastic keep cups we were given a few days ago, thinking it would be safter for drinking on the bed. It was a little hot so I transferred to the top to hold and discovered that Stephen had forgotten that it was supposed to be screwed on. A big cup of tea spilled onto the bed, and some on me. After standing up and assessing that I wasn’t burned we surveyed the disaster on the bed. Our doona was soaked. We dragged most things out and took the cover off our mattress topper. The foam was slightly damp. We were able to pile things onto the picnic table that is part of our campsite. Eventually, some things dried and I also had a clean cover for the mattress cover and a spare sheet. Our doona is made of feathers and that dried after a couple of hours. There was a strong wind and we had to make sure things didn’t blow away.

We have a functioning bed even though our doona is stained and doesn’t have a cover. A couple of items should be OK when washing, but I found the mattress topper cover cannot be washed, so it may not be possible to use it again. I use a doona cover on the mattress cover as a bottom sheet, and that may be enough. We have stains, but fortunately not on the actual mattress that came with the van, just the IKEA mattress topper.

After settling down with a new cup of tea we assessed the overall effects of the spill and decided that in the greater scheme of things, this is just a blip. However, I did start scheming about having a second night in this location so that I could fully enjoy it, which fitted with Stephen’s plan to do a walk on the Cape to Cape which is accessible from the campsite.

This morning we woke up and had our cups of tea (I was allowed to have mine in bed), had some breakfast, and set off on the walk. We put sunscreen on and covered up as best we could and don’t seem to have any sunburn, a great blessing. The walk was lovely, though bees near the campsite as the peppermints are in bloom at the moment, then flies where the path went further from the beach. We found a beautiful spot with a bench seat and we are going back there presently to enjoy the evening light.

From the Perch

I was taking photos on my real camera (not the iphone, and discovered that I have some dust on the sensor. I’ve done some electronic cleaning, which appears to have helped (testing by photographing plain surfaces and the sky, plus I’ve been able to clean up the spots on the photos in Lightroom. So, hoping all is well because my tiny full frame camera (Sony A7c) is my favourate camera for walking as it’s so light to carry, has a folding screen so that I don’t have to worry about damaging it when walking, and it is very capable even with the little folding kit lens, that helps to keep the weight down.

We had some leftover hot food for lunch with sourdough bread bought at the IGA. Stephen managed to open our new jar of marmalade after putting his bowl of hot food on top for a little while. Brilliant Stephen!

After 5;00 pm we walked back to the seat on the Cape to Cape walk to see the sunset. There was cloud and a little sea fog, which made for mostly subdued colours, but we enjoyed being out enjoying our perch above the beach. We had tuna and salad for tea.

I have some photos of the many wildflowers on our walk to be posted in the next blog.

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