Double Break – Katanning

After the laundromat visit we had lunch bought from the cafe next door. It was tasty, but lacked variety. We drove out to a spot that was supposed to be a wetlands with boardwalk, but it has not been maintained and we gave up the idea of going there.

We stayed overnight in Katanning again. In the morning we had breakfast at the Dome (it wasn’t crowded when we went in and we wore masks most of the time), then walked to the library which has a small gallery and saw an enchanting exhibition based on a French voyage to Western Australia. It was composed of so many elements and featured a little manikin, representing the botonist, in many different situations, with movement and sound via carpentry, beautiful costumes and some video. Hard to describe in words, though we have a brochure.

We did some shopping, then headed out to the lake to stay for a couple of nights. That’s when we realised that we needed to have downloaded lots of stuff as the signal out there is so poor. It was also very busy and the spot we had decided to camp was close to the turning around area for large caravans. We were close to the water, but we had to level the van and it wasn’t entirely comfortable.

Back in town Stephen has down some shopping. He wanted to see the exhibition again, but it is closed until 1.00 p.m. I am busy doing this blog and downloading some TV shows and a movie. I also want to download a book to read. So, kind of thrashing the internet just at the moment!

Sunset at the lake

We’ve been able to get some more KN95 masks at a local pharmacy.

Double break: Katanning at last

Jayes Bridge camping area definitely looked much nicer when the sun was out, and it did come out fairly briefly at times. We walked around the edge looking at the information plaques, most were about the wildlife but one gave a history of the area, with the original white settlers being the Lee Steere family. There is farmland all around and it’s interesting that an area has been left for camping. There is even a drop toilet, but we gave it a miss and used our own. We took a short walk in the morning before driving to Kojonup. We had thought of staying there overnight, but after walking to a cafe for lunch and noticing that most of the shops, etc. were closed, we decided to push on for Katanning. We arrived in the late afternoon and had a cup of coffee and hot cross buns, our nod to the Easter holidays.

There was one other RV at the Katanning free camping area overnight. We were parked a bit close to a house with noisy occupants, so plan to stay further over if we have a choice when we go back there tonight. We were quite late getting away this morning, driving 500 metres to the laundromat. I was worried about carrying our heavy washing which is why we drove such a short distance. We are parked within sight of the laundromat, sitting in the van whilst we wait for the load to finish. We will then need to wait for the drying to finish before we can move off, however we are also near cafes so if we are hungry before leaving we can get takeaway.

We had a lovely time chatting with Matt last night. He was left alone in the office to be with us as staff were busy having their evening meal and getting residents ready for bed. Matt yells out to the them when we have finished, but as he got no response we had our meal with him watching us. He didn’t seem to mind. When the support worker came back he told us what Matt had eaten for tea, no wonder he was content as he’d had a huge roast and then cheesecake brought in by some parents. He has been through another exposure to COVID with someone working all week, then testing positive. So far he has tested negative. Staff have to wear masks and so far this has provided sufficient protection for everyone, including them, of course. Matt is definitely taking it in his stride now. They don’t have to isolate and staff were wearing normal masks, not full PPE.