Month: March 2022

  • Weekend at the Beach 18th, 19th and 20th March

    The weekend started with a picnic at City Beach with Matt and his support worker. We took our van and they came in a van as well. We parked the vans one car space apart to allow for a picnic area. The day was warm and cloudy, not beach weather, but it was good for […]

  • Pinaroo Point – rest of our stay

    I took two devices to PP that we don’t usually have. The first was our smoothie maker and we had lovely smoothies made with yogurt, milk and blackberries for morning tea. The other device was our rice cooker. I often put additional stuff in with the rice to make it taste interesting and also because […]

  • Pinaroo Point in March, 2022

    The most important item of the week is that Matt and his housemates have been ‘locked in’ for a week due to a staff member testing positive in their house. At first they had to stay in their rooms, but after all having negative RATs they were at least allowed to move around within the […]