Pinaroo Point – rest of our stay

The trike coffee van. It runs on battery power and gas, which provides the pressure for the coffee machine. Eco friendly, sort of.

I took two devices to PP that we don’t usually have. The first was our smoothie maker and we had lovely smoothies made with yogurt, milk and blackberries for morning tea. The other device was our rice cooker. I often put additional stuff in with the rice to make it taste interesting and also because it saves cooking them separately. I added a little butter, some spices and chopped onions. This went nicely with some leftover curry mince and vegetables. We felt very sleepy after such a big lunch, but it worked out well as we then were able to have a light meal of tuna and salad for tea, after watching the sunset of course. An icecream van came for a while in the afternoon and we had a soft serve cup each during the afternoon.

We couldn’t be bothered to get wet again in the evening so went for a walk along the beach before enjoying the sunset. Stephen is doing a drawing class on Wednesday afternoons and he took his sketchbook down to the beach to do some drawing.

Yesterday morning we had an early swim. The water was lovely but we felt nervous about the fact that there was no one else in the water and we had people fishing around us, perhaps attracting sharks. A helicopter flew over and there were some noisy small boats, but we would have been happy to have other swimmers further out in the water. So our swim was more of a dip in the edge a couple of times.

After showers and breakfast we went over to the lawn to enjoy the open air cafe experience. Stephen again took his sketch book. He finds, much to his surprise, that he can draw. He is learning tips in the class, but it’s more about observing, and in a busy scene, leaving out enough to make the features he does want to include stand out. There was no seabreeze forecast yesterday and it was a good thing we were leaving as the rest of the day would have been quite challenging with the van getting hotter and hotter.

Sunday night sunset

We’d arranged for Matt to come to tea and he was picked up early, at 3.00 p.m. We just needed time to unload a bit and have a nap before he arrived. I’m wondering if being locked in for a week has actually been somewhat beneficial as he seems very calm indeed at the moment. Perhaps he liked having a rest! He ate well and the staff say that his appetite is good. We haven’t seem him in person for a couple of weeks as we didn’t have him the previous weekend due to the writers festival.

It’s good to be home now with the very hot weather looming, but next weekend should be cooler and we might go back to PP.

Monday morning cafe and sketching
Sunday night sunset

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