Weekend at the Beach 18th, 19th and 20th March

The weekend started with a picnic at City Beach with Matt and his support worker. We took our van and they came in a van as well. We parked the vans one car space apart to allow for a picnic area. The day was warm and cloudy, not beach weather, but it was good for the picnic as we didn’t need shade for the vans, though we put out the awning for us humans. There was a pleasant breeze which made us fairly comfortable.

I am making a little movie of what we got up to and will post the link when it is ready. Look for us silently singing Happy Birthday to Matt as we had to take out the background music so that Youtube didn’t give us a copyright strike!

Matt’s birthday video

The next day Matt came to visit us at home. It was one of those rare occasions when we were able to see him actually on his birthday, though we were all a bit tired from our outing the day before.

After he left we had a rest, then packed up the van and headed for Pinaroo Point. We chose a spot under shade when we arrived, even though it was late in the day and we didn’t need it. As usual, we found it was a bad idea in the morning as people coming to an event really wanted the spaces next to the lawn. So, we moved.

The main purpose of the visit to PP was to be ready for a walk Sunday morning with Eversley and friends. But, we were able to enjoy an amazing sunset on Saturday evening, which was quite surprising as the colours came after the sun had set, starting with a faint glow and gradually becoming more intense. As usual, we took a drink and nibbles and our chairs onto the beach for the ‘show’.

We had a good night’s sleep even though there was no wind as we kept our 12v fan running all night. The battery hardly registered the power usage and it kept us comfortable.

We headed home in the late afternoon. This time there was no coffee van, but we had enough food and drink on board. We enjoyed watching some wind surfing. It was supposed to be a competition, but the organisers cancelled as it wasn’t quite windy enough for speed.

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