Travelling Oz…On the the Gwydir Highway, NSW

Swanbrook Rest Area

We stayed at Gurley Recreation Centre (10amp, toilets and showers for $10 donation and internet) on Sunday evening. It was peaceful, windy when we arrived, but it settled down in the late afternoon. I didn’t take any photos, but it was just in a rural location, very flat and warmer than we’ve experienced in a while.

As our 10amp to 15amp adapter doesn’t have a cord we found it impossible to use with a downward facing power point. So, we used our extension cord, then the adapter, then the normal 15amp cord. We didn’t leave it out overnight as it wasn’t safe, and just as well, as when we were talking with Matt it started to rain slightly and we had at least one heavy shower. It was fine again in the morning and I plugged in again. Someone had to get out of the van to either switch on the gas or plug in, and it wasn’t too much bother. With using the heating we are finding that our little gas bottles only last about a week to 10 days, so anytime we can use electricity, either our own or from the hook up we feel it is worth it as it extends the time.

A 10amp to 15amp adapter doesn’t alter the power, it just means the plug, which has a large earth pin, is adapted to fit a normal household plug.

We filled up with water in Inverell, including drinking water, after confirming with a local that it was safe to drink. We also filled up with fuel.

Last night we stayed at Swanbrook Rest Area, with no internet, but it was pretty, with a beautiful little stream and lots of birdlife. I cooked a mince curry in the Instant Pot with potato, sweet potato and onion, adding coconet milk, green beans and rice after the pressure released.

Swanbrook Rest Area

It was a very frosty morning this morning, with ice on the windows at the rear and ice on puddles.

Frost on the rear window of our van. This is our view from bed.
Icy puddle

Our gas bottle ran out when we stayed overnight at the golf club. We were able to get a refill today in Inverall, then visited a Coles for shopping. Afterwards we had a coffee, takeaway. They refused to use our keep cups, saying it was a new Government rule. I checked the website, but NSW seems more focussed on removing restrictions than adding them. However, there are recommendations coming from the Federal government and we didn’t feel upset, we were wearing our masks and had takeaway coffee rather than sit in the nice, warm cafe.

Today is the day we drove down off the plateau we’ve been on for the past few days. It was very steep in parts, but we took advantage of one of the lookouts to stop for photos and lunch.

Stephen at Rasberry Lookout
Rasberry Lookout

Tonight we are staying at Lollback Rest Area, with internet, thank goodness. There have been views of a beautiful river coming down and our rest area is beside it, though we don’t have access, or even great views of it, from our parking spot. The toilet has a walkway with a little porch at the end and I used this as a viewing spot for the river and surrounding hills.

Actually, we made a short stop at another viewpoint on the way down
our parkup here at Lollback

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