Travelling Oz…We’ve escaped!

A photo from Kershaw Gardens where we walked yesterday evening

It felt very good indeed to be leaving Rockhampton and heading west along the Capricorn Highway. The relief is in getting away from the heavily populated East Coast. We haven’t travelled very far today, only about 111 kms, but the vegetation has changed and the air is dryer, so it feels more comfortable. We thought it might be warm, but there was a cool breeze when we arrived at about 12.30 p.m. and it felt about 15.

We chose this place due to recommendations on Wikicamps. It is a free campground with toilets, hot showers, and outdoor area for washing up, and drinking water and dump point. They ask for a donation, but we will have to do it in the morning as the volunteers had gone home by the time Stephen got there.

Our parkup for tonight. There are quite a few RVs, including one of our kind of campers on a Toyota Hilux. However, it is a large area and we don’t feel it’s crowded as we have been for the last couple of nights. There is less traffic noise as well, though we are fairly close to the highway.

We have a question mark about our DCtoDC charger to follow up. There is an auto electrician place in Emerald, the next town on our route, that gets very good reviews by travellers like us who end up with a van or car electrical issue. There is also a supermarket and we really need to stock up on fresh food as the pantry is looking a bit sparse. Stephen couldn’t carry very much when he went shopping yesterday.

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