A very windy day in Albany, followed by a bit of overnight rain, then a calm, cloudy day

Yesterday (Monday) we spent a quiet day in the van avoiding the very windy day. Sami and Kim, pictured with us above, put us to shame when they revealed that they spent yesterday walking to Bald Head. Kim did manage to do a bit of damage to himself, but nothing a few plasters wouldn’t fix. We enjoyed lunch with them at the Emu Point Cafe and their plan was to do a walk at Two People’s Bay afterwards, whereas we walked back to the Rose Gardens Caravan Park, where we are staying tonight, and had a cup of tea and a nap.

Kim met Sami just before COVID. She is Austrian and they had to endure a long separation before Kim was finally allowed to leave Australia to visit her. He is able to get six month visas to stay in Austria, fortunately he is retired and has more flexibility for travel than her. She has had two weeks here and is flying back soon. He will leave in April for his next six month visit.

In the evening yesterday we went for a walk and found a couple of tracks/firebreaks that lead down to the bay, a little bird sanctuary. We hadn’t quite realised that it was possible until yesterday, after staying at the Golf Links several times over the last few years.

Because we had the time yesterday I cooked us a hearty lunch. Despite using a packet Thai flavouring and a packet of par boiled rice (Uncle Ben style, but the Community Co. label) the meal still took about 1.5 hours to cook. The meat was frozen at the start, so took longer than usual. Anyway, we had the time and by the time it was cooked we had a good appetite.

We’ve been trying to work out when we should return to Perth. Matt is not booked in to do surfing this coming Saturday, which moves one reason to get home early. However, it was the realisation that we only have two months at home before our next two month trip away that made me feel that we could probably go home fairly soon. Arriving perhaps by Friday or Saturday evening. We would probably need to have a couple of nights on the way, so that means leaving tomorrow or Thursday.

Today is quite a cool day, we wore jackets when we were out and both have jackets/jumpers here in the van. We will take an evening walk along the shore towards Middleton Beach. Being at a caravan park means we are doing some washing, of course.

On Sunday afternoon we went to a concert at the local CWA Hall. It was a multimedia presentation of violin, cello and video on the theme of migratory shore birds. The cellist is completing a PhD and asked us to complete a little survey to see if the presentation made us more likely to become involved in conservation of habitat for these birds. Obviously we supported his thesis in our responses. Sami and Kim were there and we chatted for a bit, but saved meeting up for the next day.

On Sunday evening we chatted with Matt for about 40 minutes on Facetime. He is amazingly patient as he doesn’t get a chance to tell us what he is doing. But, his support worker checked the diary and he isn’t booked in for surfing. I asked Matt if he was disappointed to miss out, but he put on his ‘neutral’ face, so I don’t know.

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