Sherwood Diary: Day 3 To the Breakaways

Two trucks shared our parking bay with us on Thursday night, one of them running the engine all night. It wasn’t as bad as you’d think. The constant noise wasn’t disturbing and we slept well. We woke up to a bright, sunny morning and felt good about heading off towards our next destination.

The gravel road was mostly an easy drive and we travelled at just under 80kms an hour most of the time. We stopped at the various wayside markers along the way, which made for quite nice little breaks to get out in the sunshine and take a break from the bumps.

We arrived here at the Breakaways at about midday. First off, we had a cup of tea near the entrance, then drove around to find a flat spot. We settled on a sandy area away from the cliffs. There was a deep, muddy hole in the main part, but all cars had taken a chicken track beside it, so we did too. By evening we counted about seven people here, including us, but we a dispersed enough to have a sense of privacy.

I set up the Starlink fairly close to us and after a couple of hours of up and down internet access I realised that it really did need to be moved. The next spot I chose was behind the Sherwood where no one would drive, but beyond the small trees. That worked really well and we had good internet for the rest of the day.

In the evening just before sunset we took a walk over to take photos of the beautiful ‘breakaways’. Nowhere near as spectacular as Wave Rock in Hyden, they are nevertheless special because of the colouring.

We had a few drops of rain and the forecast was for some rain in our region, but we were still not expecting how wet it was overnight. Our gas bottle ran out at about 9.00 p.m. and Stephen had to get out to do the changeover. I decided to bring the Starlink in for the night, I was worried about some small animal chewing the cord, or something. Later I was so glad I had because the rain came in and has persisted until this morning. A sandy patch behind us is now a small pond.

One of our neighbours had asked us about the weather forecast because he was worried about his chosen campsite. To me it looks like the centre of a shallow lake. We are a bit higher than that, but could still get flooded out if the rain was very heavy. I wasn’t able to give him a good answer, other than rain was forecast, but the forecast area is so large that it’s hard to know if it will rain in your particular area.

We have woken up to a grey morning, with the sound of rain on the Sherwood. It’s quite loud, though it doesn’t appear to be really heavy rain when you look out of the window. No one has driven off in a hurry because of the wet, so I guess we are OK to wait and have breakfast.

So, that was our Good Friday and I hope you have a peaceful and interesting day as well.

Dishy is off in the bush, but you can see the cord.

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