Sherwood Diary: Day 16 Solar eclipse at Iron Knob

We’re you as captivated by the eclipse as we were? We basically planned our whole day around watching it on a livestream. Of course, we didn’t see the eclipse in person, or not very much. Stephen borrowed a safety pin and made a pinhole camera out of two pieces of cardboard. We could see a little bit of a cutaway at a later time than Exmouth of course. But basically we sat there, mostly glued to our screens watching the livestream from three different telescopes and listening to some fairly low key commentary at times.

Iron Knob was quite full overnight, which worked in our favour a bit as a large caravan next to us blocked out the bright security lights that beam out across the park. We have a normal streetlight next to us which we felt was sufficient security overnight.

The eclipse viewing setup. Might as well be comfortable.
Trying to keep the cardboard steady for a photo was a challenge.
Goodby to the concrete crappas and hello to the dunnys, also with paintings.

Today it is onward and upward, to Port Augusta for some shopping, then as free campsite with a view of the gulf. Then, from Saturday, we have three nights booked at Wilpena Pound in the Flinders Ranges and are looking forward to the experience.

In this area the locals advise to not drink water from taps as it isn’t safe, so we will need to buy our drinking water. However, we can use the water taps to fill our water tank as we always have separate drinking and cooking water anyway.

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  1. No I forgot and went to my exercise class but I notice weird light on the way thought the trees were all dying 🤪

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