Sherwood Diary: Day 17- Iron Knob to Gulf View Rest Stop

First stop was in Port Augusta to have our tyres checked with a Bridgestone tyre specialist. Tyres were pumped up and Stephen reassured that we have very tough tyres. Then we went shopping at a local Coles before having lunch at Macdonalds, a Hastings tradition when visiting Augusta. My inner cheapskate enjoys the cheap prices and as a senior I find the small serves ideal.

The rest area is really only a pull off, but does indeed have views to the gulf as well as surround hills. People mentioned the wind, but that didn’t happen until about 3:00 am. If we hadn’t accidentally faced into the wind it could have been very uncomfortable, but we had luck and could enjoy the sounds without it rocking us.

We set up the Dishy for fast internet and I cooked up a meal of diced steak and vegetables. Because it needed to cook for about an hour I used the gas rather than electricity, and of course the gas bottle ran out in the night and we woke up to a fridge that was off. That’s the second time on this trip that it has happened and coincided with a leftover cooked meal that needed good cooling. It’s time for a 12v fridge,

This morning we’ve been driving throughthe ranges and enjoying the views of open country surrounded by mountains. We used the Quorn dump point and supposedly drinking water tap, then have stopped at the village of Hawker for lunch.

This morning at Gulf View RA
View to the Gulf
Surrounding hills
A stop along the way this morning
A bit of a view, it we have GoPro footage which will show more of the landscape.
Pork tacos and hot drinks in Hawker

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