Sherwood Diary: Nooltana Creek Rise RA to Quorn, then to Port Augusta and then to Port Germein

It’s now Saturday 29th April, 2023. On Thursday we drove to Port Augusta, with a stopover for morning tea and some shopping in Quorn. Qhorn boasts of having quite a few Australian films based in and around the town. The date on The Shiralee seemed odd, until we realised it wasn’t the original version from 1957 with Peter Finch, but a later version with Bryan Brown.

Morning tea was quongdon pie at the Qhongdon Cafe.

We stayed Thursday night at the Port Augusta Motorhome Park, a far cry from our morning at the Nooltana Creek Rise RA,

but comfortable and only $8 per night, with access to the sporting club’s toilets during opening hours, plus a dump point and drinking water tap. We had the last but one parking spot, right next to the dump point, so now and again it was smelly. I made the best of it, serving our afternoon tea amongst the bushes whilst Stephen went to pay our $8.

Stephen had his dental appointment in the morning so we had to get ready a bit early to make it to the centre of town. It was on an interesting little street of shops, but they don’t go in much for nice cafes, more clubs for gaming, with cafes attached. Still, I did find this nice coffee lounge, of the old school type. There was table service and such delicacies as pate on toast, an option I couldn’t resist.

Stephen went off to visit a museum after having his tooth looked at. It appears that the infection is settling down, but the dentist still gave him a course of antibiotics to take, which is causing some unwanted smells in the van, as you can imagine. So, he was feeling happy and enjoyed spending an hour or so getting museum legs whilst I did some window shopping and checked out the gaming cafe, which was very nice actually.

It was about 80kms from there to Port Germein along the busy highway. Although there are lots of passing lanes drivers still get impatient about us doing 90kms an hour, even trucks which are capped at 100kms an hour. I was glad to get off it and slip into the lane to our caravan park. We booked for two nights and got the last powered site. It is now cloudy with showers and I thought we needed power as we won’t be getting such good solar.

We love this little port and it’s got even better with a little cafe offering evening meals as well as traditional cafe offerings. We had a meal there last night and it was lovely, roasted chicken legs with Italian flavours, salad and wedges.

I’ve spent this morning going to the cafe for takaway coffee and breakfast roll, and doing a couple of loads of washing. We’ve put out the awning as well, which is always comforting somehow.

We went for a little walk yesterday evening before having our tea at the cafe.

Photos from Port Germein. The cafe is quirky, looks like the owner when to opp shops and chose the different pieces, including water glasses, nothing much matches but it’s attractive and interesting to browse around.

The plan is to slowly make our way down to Adelaide, staying at campsites chosen for being cheap and close to attractions. Wine regions are wasted on us, of course, as we are far more into food than wine. We don’t like to drink even small amounts of alcohol before driving and if it’s in the middle of the day it makes us sleepy anyway. Still, we may check out a winery or two on our way.

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