Sherwood Diary: Stephen took sick leave for two days

His negative RAT from yesterday morning. He has had a headache and slight cold symptoms. He is feeling much better today with no headache and no cold symptoms. On Thursday I scurried around getting washing done. Although it was much easier than the last time we decided to do the towels and bedding, so that took more time. The bedding we put on the line and it dried well as we are having mostly fine, partly sunny days. Most of the rest went into the dryer.

Have I mentioned that we have inherited a small clothes airer? Someone was camped behind us and when she left she forgot her airer. So, we started using it, but kept in mind that she might want it if she returned to the caravan park. Apparently she comes here often. But, when she arrived and set up last night I noticed that she has a new dryer at the back of her Avan. We therefore think she won’t want this one back. It’s a little wonky anyway. But for our purposes it saves us having to dig our bigger one out of the storage box. We may take this little one with us when we go as I think we can fit it behind the seats in the front.

Other people put things out on airers and they just keep standing up in the wind. But, knowing our luck it will blow over at the first gust. So I’ve secured it with the little orange thing. I bought some of these in BCF and they are much easier to use than occy straps. We use this one to secure our step when we are travelling as it tends to come down and we don’t want to risk damaging it and our Sherwood.

We found that we are going through our Telstra data quite fast, more than a quarter in less than a week. The service itself has fantastic speeds, over 700mbs on 5g for my iphone and pretty fast 4g on our wireless hotspot. So, we have put out the Dishy to use at least part of the time when we are at the caravan park. We are already paying for the service anyway and it has unlimited data, even after Starlink just updated all of it’s plans. You can pay for a priority service, but we are getting about 170mbs, which is fast enough to watch streaming TV and other programs, as well as uploading stuff for this blog. We had a mostly clear line of sight to the satellites in the south even though there was a large motorhome parked close in that direction.

Yesterday I had quite a lazy day, though each day I take a walk over to Drakes, the upmarket supermarket, for food. I haven’t cooked since we’ve been here as it’s so easy to buy a variety of precooked food. On Thursday night we had roast lamb and gravy and last night had tuna with salads. Stephen picked up our free bottle of wine from the caravan park office (due to us staying 3 nights or more), but we haven’t opened it yet, relying on the very low alcohol beer we can get from the supermarket as our special drink. This was our lunch yesterday, cheese and tomato sandwiches done in the tiny electric frying pan.

We had contact with family yesterday. Our neighbour contacted us to say that our mandarin tree is loaded with fruit. They’ve taken as many as they need, so suggested that we contact family to see if they’ve like some. We rang Marie and caught up with her news, some good, some not so good, and she said they will try to get there this weekend. They have keys to our house and yard.

Later, Matt rang us. I’d heard from his therapist that they will have a therapy assistant with him when he starts swimming, as well as Nicholas, his normal support worker for Tuesday afternoons. They are just a bit worried about how safe he will feel. I think he would be fine, but as it won’t cost very much, have agreed to the extra person. Matt was very engaged in the conversation at first, then lost interest and was keen to hang up.

In our G&S schedule we have only missed one item. It was a talk yesterday afternoon. Today we have a matinee of Pirates of Penzance and thankfully he is well enough to go.

Next time there might be more interesting photos.

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