Sherwood Diary: Tuesday and Wednesday in Adelaide

We spent Tuesday in the State Library, Museum and Art Gallery area, apart from when I made a bolt for the Rundel Street Mall to buy yet another black top for the choir performance on Sunday. I wasn’t that happy with the first one, but this one should fit the bill. Hopefully there will be times in the future when both blouses will come in handy.

We found the State Library Cafe a comfortable place for morning tea and later, some lunch. I fell in love with the beautiful and historic Mortlock Wing of the library.

State Library Cafe

Adelaide Town Hall

We were trying to avoid coming home in peak hour as the tram on Monday evening was very tightly packed. The last two nights have been a bit better, we still left it until peak time, paying with our Metro cards, but in each second we caught the second tram. Last night was so funny, people could see the second tram waiting to get into place alongside the platform but still stuffed themselves into the first tram. The second tram did get quite full by the time we left the city, but nothing like the crowding in the first tram. Why did they do it?

I read a message from Averil about visiting the Town Hall, so we did that on our way home Tuesday. There was to be a talk later but we felt to tired to wait around for it. The Town Hall is lovely, there is a marble staircase that was worth seeing, plus the public hall, which is spectacular. We mooched around until they checked that we weren’t there for the talk, at which point we got up and explored around some more.

On Tuesday we arrived back before dark and picked up shopping bags and went and did a fairly large shop at Drakes. I made us a sort of mince and vegetable curry with portabello mushrooms as a second source of protein. Buying ready chopped soup veggies saves time. We had lots of leftovers and will have a third meal from that one cookup for tea tonight.

The gallery shows some of the autumn colours near the Japanese Garden yesterday.

Yesterday was our last fine day and it seemed a good idea to visit the two parks on our list, the Adelaide Himeji Garden and the Botanic Garden on North Terrace. Both were well worth visiting. The Japanese park is quite small and located in the green zone which surrounds the city. Afterwards we went to the first cafe on Hutt Street for hot drinks and toilets. Both were excellent.

Enjoying a cornflake cookie after our visit to the Japanese Garden

We walked up to the next park, mostly along Hutt Street. We decided that if we were to move to Adelaide we would live on one of the small sidestreets as we really liked this part of the city. Our next cafe was in the Botanic Gardens where we shared a paninini. We didn’t explore everything but enjoyed the overall aspect of the park and went into the water lily pavilion.

Afterwards, Stephen wanted to go back to the museum and I gave in to the wish to go back to Rundle Mall, in fact, back to the the store I went to yesterday for some black pants to go with the black top. I didn’t know if I could get away with wearing blue jeans for the choir. The shop is UNIQLO and why this was my choice is that as I’m short and plump I always need to have the hems of jeans taken up. I can do it myself at home, but this store does small alterations for free. Stephen and I met up at our third cafe of the day to wait for the hemming to be done. It only took an hour. Fantastic service from my point of view.

Afterwards we trammed home and were glad that we could enjoy a lovely hot meal without having to shop for it.

Today is something of a rest day with home chores and going through our scores. Even Stephen hasn’t done much prep for tonight’s rehearsal. I’ve done none.

The Palm Pavilion
Sunday evening on our way to Sacred Sullivan.

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