Sherwood Diary: I’m so sad, I’ve been banished (sob) to Maddington

Monday 12th June, 2023

So how did this happen? Mum and Dad seemed happy to prop up my rear passenger wheel to allow water to run off my leaking roof. But, no, Mum still worried. And, I must admit, there is a bit of water damage to the internal walls in the shower.

After ringing around they had all but given up when they were contacted by a caravan storage option in Maddington. They spent time finally getting all of the mud off my rear to get me ready. The rain has helped a lot in cleaning the rest of me.

So, here am I, sadly sitting in a dark wharehouse. The owner doesn’t even work here full time as he has a painting business that occupies most of his time. Mum says she and Dad will pick me up on Friday the 28th July so that I can be ready to go to Ken Peachey Caravan repairs on the following Monday. Mum says she feels confident that I will be safe here as the owner’s name is Matt and he actually very like her nephew Glenn in looks and manner. I’m working on finding consolation in that.

Here is a nice photo of me from happier times. Of course, I’m much cleaner now. Mum says she can actually see out of the rear vision mirror again.

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