Sherwood Diary: update

View from our rear window when camping in the bush

Unfortunately when we rang Ken Peachey Caravan Repairs they were not able to book us in until July 31st. Although we have the Sherwood on a lean in the carport this is not good news. I contacted a number of storage options, but the only vacancy was in Bibra Lake for $350 per month. We would have to pay for two full months, so $700.

We sat on the idea, comforting ourselves that when she is on a lean the water appears to come off the roof without going inside. However, we can’t be sure and I found some water at the bottom of a couple of cupboards when I was clearing things out.

So, it was good news this morning when I got a message that a company in Maddington have a vacancy. Their price is $170 per month and as we are going to pay in cash we may be able to pay just for the time we need. They are a caravan hire company and also have vans for sale and on consignment for private sellers. There were some good reviews on Google.

We decided to get a bit of cleaning done, thankfully the part of the rear that we couldn’t reach, with mud there for a couple of months, looks like it will wipe off. If only the rain holds off long enough so we can clean it. I’ve done some cleaning inside as well, but keep noticing more dirt, so it’s a work in progress.

The Sherwood is now booked in for storage from Monday 12th June to Friday 28th July. That covers times we will be away, fortunately not needing her for both small trips. I feel a lot happier knowing that she will be out of the weather.

Apart from that Stephen had a COVID jab and I had a flu jab at our local chemist. We both have sore arms, but feel glad to have our vaccinations up to date. We went to Mackie Street Singers on Tuesday night and sang with them at a concert at a retirement village in Leeming on Thursday afternoon.

We’ve done quite a lot of food shopping. As he promised, Stephen has taken charge of the cooking (he said he will do it for a month as I did all the cooking on our trip). It’s definitely very nice and he is getting into good recipies as well as. doing basics like tuna and salad.

I baked a loaf of bread in the breadmaker and finished it in the oven. Breadmakers can leave the bread a bit soft/soggy in the middle and putting the loaf in the oven also helped to brown the crust and make it crisp. I think the answer is to make a smaller loaf, but the bread flour from Coles comes in a box of four packs, and I just used the whole pack. Lesson learned!

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