Sherwood Diary: Merredin to Roleystone

It was a little longer to take this route, but we really wanted to get off the Great Eastern Highway. So, we had a pleasant ramble through Quairading and Beverley to Roleystone. Although we knew a storm front was approaching the constant sunshine and mild temperatures lulled us into a false sense of security.

The rain started gently at first, but was heavy by the time we turned off the Brookton Highway, enough to make us both anxious, given the heavy traffic on the road.

On arrival we quickly put our rear passenger wheel up on a riser to make the rain run off the roof. Success, because the only rain water inside was brought in by our jackets and shoes.

We had a catch-up and evening meal with our hosts before heading back to the van for a good night’s sleep. The rain was a lot lighter overnight and didn’t wake us up.

This morning our Telstra plans were renewed for the month and we were pleased that, thanks to Starlink, we hadn’t overrun our data quota. We could have bought more data, but we already have 280g per month and we don’t use anything like that in normal life.

We took a walk on the rock at Merredin before leaving yesterday.
Merredin Peak rock trail
The prince of bacon and egg rolls at Quarading
And a pot of tea in Beverley at the Red Vault

With the wonderful wisdom of hindsight we know that if we had taken a shorter break in Beverley we would have arrived in Roleystone before the rain.

The last breakfast photo of our trip.

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