Sherwood Diary: Yerdani Well to Merredin 24hr Rest Area

This rest area is for self contained RVs only and is just on the edge of town near a large rock, with climbing markers, and a reservoir. Turned out that being on the edge of town was a very good idea as we were running a bit low on diesel and couldn’t get the heater to work. We only discovered this at about 8:30 pm and I was upset because I knew that having the heater in the mornings is really lovely. We were able to pack up a bit, drive to the service station, get fuel and back to our spot without too much fuss.

Just before sunset last night. It looks like a bush camp site from this angle, but there are four other caravans/motorhome here.
The reservoir

On the journey yesterday we stopped at Southern Cross for the dump point and water. Stephen accidentally paid for 400 litres of water, but it was very cheap so we didn’t stress, just used what we needed. We also went to the Foodland for groceries and Stephen went to the hardware store and scored a very nice folding bucket. Our other one has developed holes along the folding seams. This new one seems better quality. Our folding dish that we use as a dish drainer has also developed holes on the seams.

Why do we need a folding dish for a dish drainer? We have a large sink and nowhere to put the dishes once they are washed. We have to have something waterproof for the wet dishes.

Our three burner gas stovetop is also very large, fortunately there is still a bit of benchtop on either side when using. We don’t use it much as I prefer to use our low wattage electric cooking appliances and an induction cooktop, which means we have more space when cooking.

Stephen didn’t feel up to driving yesterday, but I might have felt too nervous with him driving anyway. The traffic is pretty fierce and other vehicles sometimes cut us off when passing because they don’t really allow themselves enough room in the face of oncoming traffic. We even had a truck do it.

We are always told that truck drivers are on a clock and have to push through but when we stopped at Yellowdine Roadhouse for a bacon and egg sandwich the manager said one trucking company had forbidden it’s drivers to stop there are they sat in the dining area for up to two hours chatting instead of getting on. He told the owner he would keep an eye on the situation and move the drivers on if they sat too long.

Of course, the drivers didn’t stick to the rules, they would stop their trucks across the road, pretending to check the brakes and nip across to the roadhouse for food. Yellowdine doesn’t have any fuel at the moment, just good food. The manager said he has resigned as the owners don’t seem to be interested in getting fuel and it’s a bit like a pub with no beer😀. He feels thwarted I guess.

Besides, after that truck ploughed into a school bus and caused children life altering injuries you would think they would be a bit less arrogant. On the Ayre Highway truck drivers would signal left right after passing us because we gave way, now they just ignore us, even if we try to make radio contact.

Fortunately there were quite a lot of roadworks on that section which meant we didn’t have to deal with passing trucks and cars for a while.

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