Sherwood Diary: Beverley Choir Muster

Most of the preparation are done. We are going to stay overnight in Beverley after the 2 – 5 p.m. Choir Bash. I’m sad that I won’t be able to sing this year, but still want to be there to see them perform. It’s an open air concert and the weather seems suitable, no rain and not hot either. They have an indoor space for bad weather.

I’ve been struck down with something that is apparently everywhere at the moment, COVID,FluAFluB returned negative results, but that leaves RSV and I expect other nasties. It has lasted a full week so far and I am definitely over it. I now feel somewhat better, enough to be bored with sitting around.

Stephen is sceptical that I am well enough to go, but I am sceptical of him being able to drive to and from Beverley as well as attending and singing in a 3 hour concert, so we have decided to differ on whether it is a good idea. I think he will be glad to have our Sherwood along by 5.00 p.m. tomorrow meaning he can relax for the evening.

We have a site booked at the Beverley Caravan Park for the night and meeting Marie and Geoff there. For us this is camping lite, with normal electricity, plus showers/toilets and a camper’s kitchen available. I’ve set up the spare bed in the Sherwood which means no dinette available, but we probably don’t want to sit in such close proximity anyway. And we don’t want to sleep together in the same bed as it feels too risky.

The recent Blue Moon of ‘once in a blue moon’ fame.

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