Thursday and Friday

Thursday was our day for heading homewards. We didn’t get up especially early as it wasn’t a long drive and we were quite enjoying being where we were. I cooked bacon and eggs, using the electric hotplate on our caravan stove. I’m always a little anxious about using the gas, although it is much easier to use for cooking as it is fully adjustable as you need it.

We made about three stops on the way to Perth, stretch stops, and a morning tea break at Bannister. They have quite a nice lounge/dining area as well as outside areas. The day was partly cloudy, but we had sunshine during that break.

Bannister Garden

The drive from Armadale to Perth wasn’t too bad, we were coming through in the middle of the day when there is least traffic. On arrival, we used the caravan movers to put the van into it’s parking space, then headed over to the Dumpling House for lunch.

In the evening we met with the choir at Cherry’s place for a meeting, with soup, bread and cake. We were not expecting many people, although it was a committee meeting, I felt it was good to consult with the wider choir as well. Maybe something to do with the offer of soup, but we had about 12 of us there, with just a few apologies. The discussion went well, with people making sure that people were heard when they had something to say. Some good ideas, and I think the issue of our choir director suddenly going off for a month in July, which had been a shock, was discussed and worked through.

We walked to Cherry’s place, but got a lift home as the rain was a bit heavy.

On Friday we decided to take things fairly easy. I did some washing, we got more of our things out of the van, and we had an afternoon nap. In the evening we went to the concert hall for the Vivaldi Gloria. It was something of a different style of concert, with the conductor of the Brandenburg Consort being much more informal than conductors usually are. We had hot food served at street level. This is the second time, but felt that it wasn’t such good value. The servings were very small, though tasty. We had a couple of small bars of chocolate to follow, one after the meal and one during the interval. We were on our bus home by 9.30 p.m.

Today (Saturday) has been the day of the big shopping expedition. We either got there before the crowds or a lot of people had already gone to the Aldi store in Belmont, but it was nice that it wasn’t too crowded. Stephen has done a crock pot meal, which we will have tonight.

All photos taken on my iPhone 6s


Duct tape

We are having a problem with the range hood and just before we went to Denmark I used some blue duct tape to hold up the part that is broken as I was worried about it falling down whilst we were away. I didn’t mean to buy blue duct tape, just didn’t realise what colour it was until I needed to use it.


Monday night and all Tuesday there was strong wind and rain in Albany. We had a meal with Eversley Monday night and walked home before it started. Although we actually had a pleasant day, going up to the new Anzac memorial for lunch, Stephen went through it whilst I read my book until the restaurant closed at 3.00 p.m., then did a little shopping and waited for him to get in touch to say he was ready to be picked up.

But the weather made driving quite challenging and we also had a problem with the electricity going off intermittently. Eventually we tracked it down to a problem with the power plug not being securely placed in the powerpoint and the wind making it slip out. An employee of the caravan park put some duct tape on the plug, and although it fell off once more, when I put it back and stuck it down again, it remained in place all night. For some reason, and fortunately after we had had our showers and finished breakfast, they decided to switch of the electricity to do some maintenance. Perhaps there was some storm damage.


Anyway, we had found the caravan park very comfortable, not least because of the large and well appointed ensuite, and big concrete slab. Stephen decided to try reversing onto the site and did it in one go, so we didn’t need the caravan movers.

We had a little bit of trouble with one of the indicators when we were leaving this morning and after about 20 minutes realised it was the electrical connection, not one of the pins not working. Still, once we rearranged the cords it seemed to stay working for the rest of the day.

We stopped in Mt Barker for chai and hot chocolate, and shared a ham and cheese croissant. We stopped again in Kojonup for a pie/pastie, and got some petrol. As well, we had about three short stops to stretch. A fairly easy day of driving although I did not have the energy that I had on the day we drove down with Marie and Geoff.

We are spending the night in Williams. At first sight, the caravan park seemed pretty basic, but the facilities are clean, and after sunset there is quite a lot of park lighting, which makes it seem friendlier somehow. I had a shower and washed my hair before sunset. I had been feeling very cold when we first arrived, but after warming up in the caravan with our little heater going I find it just doesn’t seem so cold outside.