Thursday – Oxford Day 4 – Session 1

Yesterday we went to the beautiful Pitt-Rivers Museum and Natural History Museum. Quite a few school groups were visiting and it appears to be an excellent learning resource in a very attractive setting. We then climbed a church tower to get views of Oxford from above. 124 steps up, through an increasingly small and windy aperture. But well worth it, and not a difficult climb for us with our present level of fitness. We could then move around the four sides getting different views.

I uploaded the photos to my Macbook this morning and noticed something interesting, the photos of the city, whether from above, in the streets, and in the entrances to colleges look rather like illustrations rather than photographs. There were clouds most of the day which made the light quite neutral, which may have contributed to the ‘look’. Anyway, there are three photos below which illustrate what I mean.


Another view from the tower
A view from the tower
One of the colleges
One of the colleges


A view from the tower
A view from the tower

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