Yesterday was predicted to be a rain free day. It started out misty and cloudy, but by the time we left the house at 11.00 a.m. it was sunny and stayed that way most of the day. We had put off doing shopping on Monday because of the trip to London. Yesterday was then the shopping day, but it seemed a pity to waste a fine day.

Why Brighton? Just because it is possible to catch an express there from East Croydon, and I have been wanting to take the trip for a couple of weeks. So, we did.

The Royal Pavilion was interesting because of the architectural style, vaguely Moorish. It has been restored and the gardens redone to better match the original garden. It was difficult to get a good photo because of the trees. We did not do a tour, but were able to look into the first room.

Then we walked to the Brighton Pier and out to almost the end where it turns into rides for children. It is dreadful and beautiful at the same time, plus the sunshine and beautiful colour of the ocean made it very special. We could see across to the skeleton of the West Pier, which at this stage will probably not be restored. The piers are wooden structures that are very prone to fires.

There was bungy jumping near the pier which got in the way of photos, but I eventually went done to the pebble beach to enjoy better views and the feel of the pebbles.

We were wanting lunch, but wanted a bargain and healthy food, so it ended up being a fish and chip deal at a tiny pub. It was good food, with a little salad and lots of fresh peas, so turned out well. Only 10 pounds for both.

Then Stephen went to the museum and I went for a coffee. Later I walked along the beach to get a better view of the Western Pier. I found another cafe across from the sea where I waited in comfort for Stephen to arrive. It was nearly dark at 5.00 p.m. We then walked back to the train station and caught an express train back to Croydon. A little shopping on the way home and that was it.

I’ve made a small video from some 4k clips made on the A7RII and some of the photos put into a slideshow in Photos, the Apple app. Very little editing of the clips. Even though I am using a custom button as my movie start and stop button I still seem to have a wavy bit at the end of clips!

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