Saturday – Croham Hurst

Croham Hurst is another park/woodland area near to us, this time in South Croydon. It is also near Sanderstead where Mum, Jamie and Robyne lived when George was posted there, a long time ago. Robyne worked in Croydon, commuting up and down the hill each work day.

Today was quite warm and sunny, as was predicted. We wore our coats, but did get a bit too warm at times. We also feel a bit sunburned/exposed tonight – there was that much sun!

We caught a bus (after some fiddling about trying to work out where to catch it), and were dropped off at the side of the hill.

Croham Hurst
Croham Hurst

We decided to take a path which took us straight up to the top of the hill. It is the site of a suspected ancient barrow – and has a plaque to mark the area as a national monument. There are a lot of tree, so there is only a view to the south from the summit. We have a brochure which gives a great deal of information about the park – and we were on the lookout for things like pebbles on the summit and the different trees and vegetation.

We spent a lot of time at the top sitting on a bench and walking around. We had our picnic lunch and spoke with a lovely man who is local to the area and walks there a lot. He was a very fit looking man of 72 (he and Stephen compared ages). They spoke about cricket players of the past and the man said that Stephen has a little the look of Richie Beno.

Croham Hurst, craggy pines

We then walked down to the fence line and through the park, admiring the autumn colours of the leaves. I took a lot of photos.

View to the East
View to the East from the top
Autumn colours
Autumn colours

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