Gloucester – Mon- Wed (7th-9th)

Putting it simply, we travelled to Gloucester on Monday and travelled back on Wednesday. That meant two nights there, staying with Ron. We had our ‘usual’ double bed room, which overlooks the rear garden. Although Ron is cutting back on the number of plants and has put in an artificial lawn, this area is still very attractive.

Melanie and Ron met us at the bus station. They thought we would be coming for lunch, but we had done our usual thing of buying some sandwiches and snack items to eat on the bus. However, we joined them for fruit mince pies and a cup of tea. After resting up for rest of the afternoon we went out to dinner with Melanie and Mark at a nearby pub. All good, except that I had too much food and had a rather uncomfortable night. But, still enjoyed sleeping in the comfortable little room.

On Tuesday we got up rather late, and after breakfast, etc. we went out to see if we could have a walk along the canal. Ron had heard that it was possible to see along the canal from a Sainsbury’s store. The building is located right on the canal, with a cafe on the second floor that is so well located that it could be a modern style restaurant. The store stocks not just food and stuff, but clothes and stationery, so very useful. We arrived in sunshine, then a squall came through, quite windy and wet for a little while, with gulls flying and enjoying riding the wind.

Then it seemed to be fine again and Stephen and I went for a short walk whilst Ron did some shopping. We came back when the rain became persistent. Stephen got some toothpaste and I had a wander through the store.

Then we went to the Gloucester Museum and found out about the early times in the town, including the Roman period. I had my photo taken in Brenda’s chair (she had a little sleep there when she and Graham visited the Museum). Then home for lunch and a rest.

We went over to see Alan and Karen at about 5.30 p.m. They had had a very tiring day, but brightened up for our visit. Barney went a little crazy and I was delighted to see him so well as I had been reading about his illness and recovery on Facebook.

Then we went out again for dinner at a Carvery – nice food, and I shared a desert with Stephen so I did not overeat this time, or at least, not to the point of discomfort. But, still didn’t sleep well. Odd, because I feel far more at home at Ron’s place than I do here in Croydon. Something about being in a real home.

The hospitality was, as usual, quite marvellous and we enjoyed ourselves very much. The family have their problems and losses (Ivy was alive the first time we stayed there – I’m so glad we had a chance to meet her).

Yesterday morning we went for a walk along a sort of stream that leads down the balancing pond. There are floods in nearby Tewksbury and there is a slight possibility that there could be flooding in Gloucester, but the water in the balancing pond is quite low, so I think it could handle a moderate sized flood if necessary. A very attractive area with a couple of white swans showing off, as well as ducks and seagulls.

We enjoyed both coach rides – having food on board and having little sleeps helps to pass the time – plus being able to see the countryside along the way. We had coffee at a Neros, then home on the train to East Croydon.

This morning (Thursday) we have done a bit of shopping, I’ve done a survey online for Matthew, I wrote to the ANZ bank to complain about texts regarding non payment of $25.00 on the credit card I closed recently, and then catching up with this blog.

Ordering coffee at the Sainsbury’s Cafe
Sainsbury’s Cafe Deck
From the Pathway
A red ship on the canal
Melanie took this photo of us before we left

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