Brandys from our window
Another view from our apartment

We have not done very much today – so far. We walked into the village centre and went to Vodafone to get SIM cards for our iPhones and my iPad mini. We paid a little extra to get coverage in case we go to Germany for a few days.

Then we did a bit more shopping, this time for food for tonight’s dinner. David came over for the installation of a new water meter and showed us how some things work. The plan is that he will be back later for when our hire car arrives. I must admit I like the idea of having a hire car as not so awful if it gets a bump or two.

I have put my first load of washing on, after David showed me the best settings. The washing machine is also a dryer, but we have an airer and the central heating makes the air very dry, so I will continue to use that method most of the time. Our clothes are wearing out already, just from being a small set of things that we use all the time. Using a dryer makes that worse. But it will be handy for an emergency.

We enjoyed our little walk to the village again today, it is quite sweet. This place is too small to be a town – or perhaps that’s just the part we have seen.

We slept well on the bed which is not really a double bed, just a bit smaller. However, it is only slightly smaller than our bed in the caravan. We had to turn off the heating and open a window to be comfortable. Is it something about coming from a hot country that we like to be cool rather than warm.

Brandys from our window3
This is a zoomed shot over the park to the village square where there are a couple of towers.

These shot show the interior of the studio apartment, just one room with a kitchen.

Brandys our studio apartment2Brandys our studio apartment1

Brandys our studio apartment3
Tiny kitchen, but has all the essentials

As well, there is a hall with a wardrobe and coat rack, and a bathroom/laundry/toilet combination. Stephen is using the hallway for reading as the lighting is better than the living room/bedroom.

Brandys our studio apartment4

And that is it! We are on the fifth floor and there is a small lift. The apartment blocks here are concrete and mostly painted to make them look more appealing. The interiors have been renovated with modern double glazed windows and doors.

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