Much wind and some rain

We walked over to where Eversley is staying in the evening for a shared meal. The accommodation was lovely, a bedroom, bathroom, laundry and reasonably spacious living room and kitchen. We enjoyed the evening talking, watching some TV, and having leftover and very tasty food. Shortly after we got back here there was a spatter of rain, however the storm did not really start until later.

Being just a sand dune from the sea we have a very strong sound of waves, which makes the storm sound worse than it really is as the sound fills in the gaps between gusts of wind. We read for a while, then had showers in our very nice ensuite and had a lovely night snugly in bed, at times waking up to the sound and feel of the wind and rain. It tends to reinforce just how warm and secure we feel inside the van.

Apart from the vents at the the top on the kitchen side and the vent in the door, we had our top zippered windows slightly open on both sides. Which sounds a bit mad when it is windy and cold outside, but part of the delight of the van and the contrast with the stuffiness of our bedroom at home, is that it is easy to have lots of fresh air flowing when we are sleeping. With three doonas and each other’s warmth, we don’t feel cold. In the morning we put either the air conditioner or the small fan heater on and we are warm even  out of bed. I’ve put the fan heater in the bathroom as there is no heating, not even overhead heat lamps, so we are using the air conditioner here in the van. It is pretty powerful (in terms of noise and making the van shake when the compressor switches on and off),  which is why we often just use the fan heater, but the warmth is more evenly spread throughout the van from the under the top shelf vent than when we have the fan heater on the floor.

Today we have a full day in Albany before heading towards Perth tomorrow. As it is wet we will probably go to the new Anzac Centre so that we can be entertained inside. Still, I am looking forward to the views over the bay and seeing the storm in action from that perspective.


This morning we got up at the usual time, not early. It was a beautiful morning after a very cold night. We had our gig at 6.15 p.m., last night and it was surprisingly well attended, considering the fact that we were in the open air and it was cold. Afterwards we quickly scattered to go to see other events. Stephen and I had meal, then went to Civic Centre. The first item was a choir for people with disabilities. It was very good, featuring several of the choir members doing solos. Entrancing really.

This was followed by the Men of the West, formerly the Spooky Men of the West, doing their usual things, with great verve. Then we saw the Giovanni Consort performing. We had been to a sort of workshop in the morning giving the background to the type of music they sing, so were particularly appreciative. It was very cold back at our caravan, but our heating works well and we had three donnas on the bed.

We had some time with Annette and Stuart this morning as we were all packing up to leave. Annette offered me a coffee, very welcome as I hadn’t made any myself. We enjoyed finding a bit more about them and their lives. Some links with Annette who has a Victorian background, like myself on my father’s side.

After arriving and checking in here at Middleton Beach Holiday Park we went out with Kim and Eversley, first of all to the Gap, then to the cafe at the Whaling Station. Lots of talk, Eversley and Kim finding links and common ideas, as well as differences. Stephen and I too, of course.

The first photos are from The Gap, then some of Middleton Beach just behind our caravan park, and a mob of kangaroos that we saw on our way back from the Whaling Station to Albany. Apparently the farmers tolerate them grazing on in their fields.

The Gap3 (1 of 1)The Gap6 (1 of 1)The Gap4 (1 of 1)The Gap7 (1 of 1)MiddletonBeach8 (1 of 1)

MiddletonBeach5 (1 of 1)Middleton Beach4 (1 of 1)Middleton Beach3 (1 of 1)Middleton Beach2 (1 of 1)Middleton Beach1 (1 of 1)

Field of Kangaroos (1 of 1)
No long lens, so have gone for the wide angle showing the mob spread out across the field.

Denmark Sunday

Sitting outside the caravan having a coffee after breakfast was even more lovely than I imagined it would be. We have had a mostly sunny day today and it was an opportunity to move appliances outside and and really enjoy being here in Denmark. Our gig went quite well yesterday, probably due to an hour long rehearsal in the breakfast room at 33 the Terrace. I found standing for the rehearsal and then the concert a bit difficult, odd because I can walk quite a long distance, but find standing tiring.

The photos are from early this morning.

Wilson Inlet (1 of 1)Wilson Inlet2 (1 of 1)-2Wilson Inlet4 (1 of 1)

Denmark 2016

The featured image is of Wilson Inlet from the foreshore near our caravan.

On Wednesday I went to see Mum as usual. She was pretty vague, as usual. Jamie was home, but, perhaps through tiredness, was not quite as lively as usual. But, he looked well and I think is happy enough. I wonder if he found Mum changed. She and I watched the first episode of a TV series called ‘Vera’. I enjoyed it, particularly for the English scenery, but I’m not sure she enjoyed it as much.

When I got home I realised that I would not be able to do the shift I had booked in the morning and get ready to go, so I cancelled it. Thursday morning was very busy, with shopping to do as well. We had a rest after lunch, then finalised packing and took the van to have it’s tyres checked. Then up to Marie and Geoff’s.

We had a lovely time there. We inspected their van, a similar one to ours, but with single bunks. There are both pluses and minuses to the different setups. They helped us set up our van and we were able to use the caravan mover to put it into their carport, going over dirt/gravel. Marie had made savoury mince for tea, which we had with bread and butter. Followed by chocolate covered ice creams and chocolates.

We had the TV on, but spent a lot of the time talking and catching up. They had a fire going in the lounge which contributed to the evening.

We woke up at 6.00 a.m. in the morning and those who wanted a shower had them early, followed by breakfast. We got away at around 8.20 a.m. I think, quite a feat for us. They weren’t taking their caravan, but the API flats don’t include linen, etc. so still a fair bit to take. We took a back route through to Albany Highway and made our first stop at Gleneagles Rest area, just to have toilet visits.

Then on to Williams where we parked near the river and went to the cafe for snacks and drinks. This is partly to keep Glenn happy, but it kept us happy as well! I drove as far as Kojonup before taking a break. Geoff drove our car and I travelled with Marie and Glenn. We had such a nice time that the 95 kms went very quickly. Marie had driven two stages by then.

27365353431_de37aaa0b1_oWe had lunch at the service station in Mt Barker. It’s decorated in ‘gelato’ style, according to Marie. The food was tasty and good and we enjoyed this time together before they headed off to Albany and we to Denmark. Geoff had thoughts about escorting us all the way, but it would have made a lot longer journey for them and I felt confident of doing the last stage on my own.

It was a beautiful day, with high cloud and sunshine, and fairly warm, up to 21 degrees.

We should have known… Denmark in winter is always wet.

We went into town to pick up our wrist bands, then had tea in the caravan. We had packed two leftover meals, and had one of them with green beans and bread and butter, followed by cake, banana and yogurt. Then peppermint teas and chocolate. Then went to the evening concert ‘Dangerous Song’ where we met up with other choir members and Bernard and Eleanor. It was still warm and dry when we went in, but there had been a little rain when we got out.

We had showers before having tea, so just has washes and brushed teeth and went to bed. Although I was tired, I stayed awake for quite a while, not anxious, just enjoying being where we were. The rain and wind came in and persisted into Saturday morning. We enjoy the sound of rain when we are in the caravan, and the sense of being warm and dry so close to the wet.

So far, I’ve just taken photos on my iPhone.

Starcraft at Rivermouth Caravan Park

The two photos taken in Denmark look like they were taken on a slant, yet I am sure I held the iPhone straight.