Yesterday we went to Fremantle for lunch and a movie. We walked through the markets, but found it very crowded and felt we wanted to be outside as it was a particularly nice day – sunny, slightly warm, with the sea breeze. We ate lunch at the foodhall, sitting outside and observing what was happening.

We went to see the movie VICE, which was a very interesting story told in a slightly self mocking way (the movie mocking itself). It was quite challenging to make sense of and we had a coffee at a small bar as we nutted it through. Worth seeing again, perhaps. Cheney was not played as a monster, indeed he was prepared to make sacrifices for his family.

Afterwards we were heading home and even got on the train, but changed our minds and decided to walk over to the E-shed for a snack. Whilst there, we heard a singer/musician doing a very good job on Bob Dylan music. We wandered out to the Maritime Museum, which was shut, of course as it was after 5.00 p.m. We asked directions and were able to get to the little Fremantle Beach.

Then home by train and bus, feeling we had had a very good day out. Over 10,000 steps for once, but we didn’t find the walking tiring, probably because we have been going for regular walks lately.


We went for a walk along the Rivervale foreshore a couple of nights ago. I wasn’t that happy with the photos from that outing, but we enjoyed walking along a path and seeing all the development from the river side of Great Eastern Highway. There are new picnic areas and lookouts with signs. We imagined how nice it would be to have an apartment overlooking the river.




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