Early summer – warm days

A new quilt for the Winnie made by Marie.

Yesterday we had our second last ukelele class for the year. We are also taking advantage of the Rod Evans Centre still being open to have a last couple of their delicious lunches. It may have been the large lunch, followed by concentrating for about an hour and a half that made us feel very tired.

Today Marie and I (and Miki) went to see Mum. I had a couple of things to regurn to her that we forgot when she was picked up on Monday. We also took the two ceiling fans. We made scrambled eggs for lunch and I was pleased to see Miki eating the wholemeal bread and enjoying her lunch.

We left earlier than I usually get away. Back at Marie’s I was tired again, even though she had done the driving, so I had a rest on the new quilt in the Winnie. We plugged in so that I could use the air conditioning, but then I unplugged because the solar panels keep the batteries well charged up. That way, they can keep the power on for their caravan.

Stephen went down to Fremantle to see the Dirk Hartog’s plaque, which is on loan from the Netherlands. He then did some shopping and we had leftovers and some fresh salad for tea.

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