Wednesday notes

Since our mini break we have had the Working Voices Choir Christmas party, with Raelene for the first time. A small gift was organised and Cherry wrote a song about us based on Raelene’s son ‘Summermoonlight’. Very funny words, but highlighted that we didn’t really master her song and it was dropped from our final concert appearances!

We then had Mum staying with us from Friday until Monday. Marie and Geoff took her out on Sunday. Knowing that was going to happen I worked overnight, and was very glad when they picked her up. Both Marie and Robyne came on Monday morning, Marie to drop off the sunglasses that had been left at their place and Robyne just for a visit. Although it was very busy with her here, and I had to think ahead with preparing the bathroom for her each evening and giving her tablets on time, we coped really well with her forgetfulness. Jamie and Tracey did not get here until after lunch to pick her up, and she was confused as to what was happening and asked ‘Where am I going now?’. When we told her it was to their granny flat, she asked ‘do I still have that?’ – very sad really.

Jamie did not speak to me, of course, but we appreciated not having to drive to Mt Helena to take her home.

Yesterday I went and bought ceiling fans for her two bedrooms, 4 cartons of cigarettes, Matt and Glenn’s Christmas gifts, my script and, oh joy, two shower caps (don’t know why but they seem to be very hard to find these days, so I got a spare). Plus a thank you card for our ukelele class leader, ready for participants to sign today. We have our last class for this year next week and want to surprise her.

Stephen has a small group of singers who will do some Christmas carols at Bentley Hospital. Just one person per voice part, which isn’t too difficult to organise, especially as the tenor and soprano are partners.

Stephen has still not driven the car even though he now has his driver’s licence back. It seems to be lack of confidence, but I am hoping he will begin soon and share some of the driving chores.

Jacaranda or Cape Lilac – this is the season for them, but it is difficult to get photos that have atractive surroundings, so this will have to do.


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