We are taking advantage of the cooler weather to have a night or two away from the city. Why Jarrahdale? I was looking for a free camping site close to Perth using Geowiki and this popped up. It’s on the edge of the town, with a dump point and drinking water. When we arrived we found there was even a large concrete slab. We have parked on the edge, giving us a view down the valley to the river. There was a large bus type motorhome here, with room for a small car inside (we saw it going in), when we arrived. Later, a truck pulled up for the night and a car.

The purpose of this trip is to give Stephen some experience of driving the Winnie. He is getting used to driving again in the Subaru, but hasn’t tried this yet. When I suggested coming down this way, he asked if we were going to stay overnight. It was not my original plan, but seemed a good idea, given the cooler weather and not much on this week. I went to see Mum yesterday with the idea of getting ready today and going tomorrow. But, I was looking forward to it so much that I did some of the preparation last night. It still takes quite a lot of preparation with regard to food, even though on our plan is to stay one or two nights. We decided to use the method of packing everything into the Subaru, including an esky for the cold stuff, then driving up to pick up Winnie, packing everything onboard and heading off. Of course, the fact that we were closer to our destination by going to Roleystone was a factor.

We’ve had salad and one of our leftover meat meals for tea. As we don’t have electricity or water hookup we are using gas and 12v for everything. Works well!

Some of the bushes had snails up the stem like this
We took a walk down to the river, not very far from where we are camped
typical bush around here

This is the view from where we are parked.

There was some sunshine, although it is still cloudy. There was more rain today than we expected from the weather forecast.
There is quite a lot of explore around here. The council have a set of maps with walks and we downloaded them before we left.

We saw three kangaroos whilst we were waiting for our meal to heat up. They were moving very fast so it was better to enjoy them than try to get a photo.

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