Stephen is driving again…

It is 12 months today since Stephen had a seizure when we were overseas. Although he regained his licence a couple of weeks ago today was the first day that he wanted to drive. I had taken the Winnebago to Chamberlain Auto Electrics to have the radio disconnected from the ignition and re routed to running off the caravan batteries. They installed a small button to switch the radio on. Now we can use it when staying in the Winnie without risking running down the car radio and having to put our step up. I then drove home to have lunch. Later in the day, we decided to take it back to Roleystone to it’s ‘home’. As well, I wanted to go to a place where there was pretty countryside with cape lilacs along the road. It wasn’t exactly on our way, but worth the drive. As we were leaving Roleystone, Stephen asked if I would like him to drive. He said it wasn’t fun, he has become used to being driven and has come to like it very much. But, he said it was nice to feel in control again, and he certainly had no difficulty with the actual driving.




Yesterday we went into Perth (by bus, of course) to go to listen to Christmas Carols at Trinity Church. They have a very good choir, and it was great to hear them. The downside was the minister, who insisted in adding some preaching in a style that did not really suit us of the ‘church alumni’ who had come mainly for the music and to sing ourselves. The church was far from full, given the quality of the music this was strange, but perhaps his style doesn’t suit very many people either. I longed for the days of Murray Brown, with his Buddhist style of Christian discourse. Never mind, the church and arcade are very attractive, it was a cool day and very pleasant to be in the city at that time.

In the evening we met Matt at Burswood Gardens for a picnic tea. He had brought a meal with him and I was a bit alarmed when I realised that it was a’mince moist’ meal rather than pureed. He was able to eat it, but I wondered what had happened and concluded that it must have been prepared by someone who does not normally work at his house, or, it was taken from the freezer and they simply didn’t realise. He only coughed once, so I hope there will be no unpleasant effects. Matt found it a bit uncomfortable because of the strong wind. Of course, given that we had planned to be in the open air, it was a cool evening and not really suitable for a picnic. Stephen and I stayed for a BBQ and movie that had been organised by the Shire to reward people like Stephen who had contributed to focus groups. Matt was very thankful to board his taxi at about 7.15 p.m.

At least he was happy at this moment

We retrieved blankets from the car and sat huddled together watching the movie. It was a childrens’ fantasy, interesting, but not necessarily enjoyable, still we wanted to stay until the end to find out what happened. It was ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children’.

I spent a good deal of time on Saturday helping to organise our choir to sing at an event this coming Wednesday evening. Lots of emails and sorting out. Thankfully, Eversley also got involved and has now taken the reins. We just have to show up. I am working Wednesday evening, so we will have to make sure we get home in time for me to leave for work.


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