Travels with the Winnie – Day 2

We woke up to sunshine this morning. It was cold, so we used the diesel heater, very effective. We had washes and breakfast, filled up the water container we had used overnight, emptied the toilet cassette, and left at about 10.45 a.m. The good weather lasted until early afternoon. After lunch, as we were having a short rest, a storm front came through, wind gusts rocking the van and there was very loud rain. That made our rest rather short, but I made some London Fog aromatic tea to have with our McVities, guaranteed to cheer us up.

It rained for the rest of the day, pretty much, until we arrived at Southern Cross. I am a very nervous passenger with Stephen at the wheel of the Winnie. Today is only the second time he has driven it – he feels fine, but I cling to the edge of my seat! Still, we want to be able to share the driving and I will have to get over it.

We consulted our Geowiki app about a free campsite at Southern Cross, but it was misleading this time. There was a 24hr stopping area, but no toilets or other facilities as promised. We decided to go to the Caravan Park. We have stayed here before, it is run by the council, and very pleasant, with wide sites, clean ablutions and quite nice views.

We’ve hooked up everything and are delighting in having always on running water, 240v electricity and being able to use our stuff in a more normal way. However, it was lovely at Meckering and I would definitely recommend it for overnight stays.

I haven’t taken any photos today, but have a little bit of video.


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  1. I’m someone who was not allowed to drive on narrow Swiss mountain roads. Well, I could, but it was much less stressful when I didn’t. Nevertheless, I think you should cut Stephen some slack, and relax. He’ll be fine!

  2. Understand being a passenger with someone who has been sick and just insists on driving. Scarey stuff – but yes one does have to get over it. I guess!

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