Travels with the Winnie: Day 8

Our overnight at Madura was quite pleasant, despite the fact that we were close to the generator running all night. We got away just after 9.00 a.m. according to my watch, but 45 minutes later according to Stephen’s. Oddly, our watches are now in sync. Mine, of course, gets it’s setting from my iPhone which automatically takes into account time zone changes. This is a bit puzzling.

We decided to have a short day of driving and go to Eucla 180 kms away. The caravan park overlooks the plain leading out to the sea. As well, it has excellent showers and toilets.

We had a stop at Mundrabilla, then through to Eucla, arriving around 1.30 p.m. As we were quite early we were able to secure one of the places with the best view. Slightly unnerving as we are facing the ocean and not that far from the cliff. We’ve put the brake on very strongly and Stephen put out the chocks. We seem to be on a slight downward slope, but have avoided a side to side imbalance.

Before we left Madura it began to rain slightly. After our stop at Mundrabilla the rain became pretty heavy, and it confirmed our idea of aiming for a closer destination and having the afternoon to rest. It has been quite lovely here. Other vans came in, but no one has camped next to us.

sunlight at Eucla (1 of 1)
Our view at Eucla
Evening (1 of 1)
Around 4.15. The sun is setting behind us.

As the best view is from the cab we had our drinks and nibbles sitting there instead of at the dinette. It was too cold to sit outside.

Geowiki said there was a dump point here, but the staff have confirmed that the nearest dump point is at Border Village. I’m going to have to correct Geowiki once again! Since our free overnight camping site, I’ve gone off the idea of using dump points at free camping sites where there is no water to wash things down. Nuff said about that, I hope.

I had a call from Regis yesterday about Mum smoking where she shouldn’t. Basically I told them it was their problem and we would support whatever plan they come up with (though we want to know what the plan is). No phone calls for me today, but Marie has also been contacted about a financial issue, at least they are sharing the worry around. We think the financial issue is resolved, but the first payment has not yet come from her account, so we may hear from them again.

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