Travels with the Winnie: Day 25

There has been high cloud today, making for a pre sunrise show of pink clouds.

Tuesday morning (1 of 1).jpg
Tuesday morning

Today the landscape went from lots of bushes, some with yellow flowers, and small trees to a desert landscape, with sparse and dull vegetation. Very like northern WA.

landscape (1 of 1).jpg
Stephen and landscape


Driving into Coober Pedy, we saw lots of evidence of digging holes in the ground, as you would expect.

There are quite a few signs warning about animals on the road since we started on the Stuart Highway. This one amuses me:

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self explanatory

We are in a Big4 caravan park here at Coober Pedy, chosen because they had room for us. It has good facilities, including a dump point and water point for filling tanks (20 cents per 40 litres, I think). We will be able to fill up our tank when we leave. There are no water hookups, but we can get drinking water from the laundry, and lots of people are availing themselves of this opportunity. Showers are 20 cents for 2 minutes.

Water is the most precious resource here, forget about opals. However, here at the caravan park all of the taps have drinkable water, unlike last night when taps only had rather smelly bore water.

We have free wifi and I am able to write this blog using their network. The photos take a little time, but actually upload.

We’ve done  a load of washing, dumped the toilet, and ordered a pizza for tea. We have also booked into a tour tomorrow afternoon. We have good TV reception here.

Our plan is to stay two nights, then free camp on our way to Alice Springs. We will have our tank (100 litres) and water bottles (total of about 30 litres), and it will depend on how well it lasts. It is more relaxing to be at free camp sites. I don’t think any of the free camp sites have internet access in that section, so we may have to spend a bit of time at roadhouse during the day to catch up on our emails and this blog.

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  1. Hi
    Good to hear you two are ok. I am starting 6 day shifts starting this Week This week Monday to Saturday then Sunday and Monday off. Caitie’s wedding dress fitting is on the 24th of June and I can take that Saturday off … I’m Casual so I can. Sandra Hassay is my manager or LAS. I’m still trying to regain sleep after Saturday night and today was very bad for feeling exhausted. I need rest.i fell down on Saturday….I was so tired and sore from arthritis that I missed my footing and landed on the lolly jars which were not ours. Nothing broken but Caitie’s friends had to help me up. I tried to help clean up after the party, but my muscles wouldn’t work. I was silly enough to do some dancing earlier on in the evening that might have seized me up.

    Sunday morning I went over to where the kids were staying and had breakfast with them…bacon, eggs and pancakes yummo. I finally got home about 3.00pm and I laid down for an hour.

    Work is doing fine and Sandra will be signing me off with medication tomorrow which is great. I start at 12.00 to 20.00 so I can sleep in. Marie and I chatted at the party and we think mum must needing new toiletries by now and are said she would look into that and she and Geoff will visit mum on Friday I think and take her out to Midland Gate for lunch and some shopping is mum wants.

    Tea time for me…I will visit mum on Sunday.

    Luv Robs xx

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